Sunday, April 6, 2014


Welcome to Sneak Peek Sunday. Today's snippet is from my newest release, SEDUCING HIS HEART. Thanks for stopping by.
“Your payment for helping me.” She finished her second glass. The combination of the wine, the desserts, and the closeness of his tempting body ratcheted up her heat higher, and she began to sweat. If I could stick my head in the fridge. 
   Bess covered up the pie and took it to the refrigerator. She stayed longer than necessary, cooling her face and body. Then, she returned to pack up the cake. 
   Whit stood only a breath away. He touched her hand, making her shiver as she wiped a smidgeon of food from his chin with her thumb. Whit rested his arm around her shoulders and eased her against him.
Reason had flown out the window. As she swayed toward him, her voice grew softer, causing him to bend down to hear. “We shouldn’t.”
  The wine had reduced her inhibitions to ashes. His breath fanned over her cheek, his mouth only a kiss away. She lifted her glass to keep from touching his lips with hers before she realized it was empty. The front door opened, saving her from intimacy with Whit. 
   Terry stood, filling the frame with his wide shoulders and hips concealing an automatic weapon. “I heard there was a tasting here. I had no idea you’d be tasting my girlfriend, buddy.” He rested his hand on his weapon.
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  1. Mm, that Whit can taste for me anytime! ;) Great sneak peek into a wonderful book!

  2. Oops, bad timing! Great peek. Love that last paragraph. :)

  3. Ooh awesome a new series.. im behind lol.. great cover snd peek .