Monday, April 28, 2014

New York Nights novels

I haven't highlighted these books in a while, though they are some of my favorites. I admit I've fallen for Grey Andrews and plan to write another book for him and the "List" cast of characters. Here are a few quotes from readers:
“The Marriage List is one of those romance novels that makes you smile with that glowing, all is right with the world, feeling.”  K.B.
“You will instantly fall in love with Grey the leading male. Women will fall in love with him and men will want to be him” T.
“I fell in love with Grey immediately. He is the man every woman wants to find. Carrie is strong & caring. I was totally enthralled by this story.”  L.G.
“Finally a book were the main characters have a normal human relationship.”  S.L.
“The Marriage List had me laughing out loud as well as pulling for Grey and Carrie. This was a great read, I highly recommend!”  A.B.
This is Grey's townhouse in Manhattan.
Let's skip the blurb and go right to an excerpt: The next night he went out to dinner with his sister, Jenna. She was two years younger than Grey and engaged to be married. She was a teacher and came to New York City to shop for a wedding dress. He took her to a nice French restaurant, Grey had a good day in the stock market and wanted to treat his baby sister to a great dinner.
            Jenna sipped her wine.
            “How are you feeling about…uh…getting married?” He asked her.
            “Great! Bill is everything I’ve always wanted in a man,” Jenna cooed.
            “Is he a good listener?”
            She nodded.
            “A good provider?”

            “He makes a good salary as corporate counsel for the bank.”
            “And…in the sack…?” Grey asked, embarrassing himself.
            “Grey! That’s none of your business…what we do in private. Honestly!”
            “I know, but are you…ah, compatible?”
            “What do you mean?”
            “You know what I mean, Jenna. Stop playing with me,” Grey insisted.
            “If you would stop asking such a personal question…”
            “Compatible…like you both want it the same all the time, uh, most of the time.”
            “Grey! I can’t believe you asked me that.”
            “Are you?”

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