Monday, April 7, 2014


Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. Here's another installment in my WIP which doesn't have a name yet. We met Evan last week.  He had lived with his sister and her two children since their father was killed on 911. But when his sister finally remarried, Evan lost his family when they moved to San Francisco. He plays football for the Connecticut Kings.

 Evan towered over the pretty, curvy woman with auburn hair, named Molly. She squinted up
at him.
“Football, eh? Connecticut Kings. Hmm. No wild parties. No drunken brawls.”
“I’m not…”
“There are a lot of valuable things in this house. A lot of antique clocks.”
“If you want to move them…”
“What? Use a little self-control. If you’re going to rent this house, you’d better respect it.”

“Can we go in?” Got a lot of fuckin’ attitude for a small chick. Like a feisty Chihuahua. He laughed to himself.

“Something funny, big man?” She cocked an eyebrow at him.

“No, no. After you,” he made a gesture and held the door as she swung it open.

“I know this house is about half the size of that monstrosity you’re used to.”
 “I’m getting it ready to sell.”

“Damn albatross.”

He stepped into one of the most beautiful houses he’d ever seen. The living room walls were painted a light Robin’s egg blue, with white trim. The white marble mantle held an antique clock, with a rich dark wood patina. There weren’t many tchotchkes around. Thank God. I hate clutter.  He notice the perfect dark wood floors with pristine oriental area rugs.

He followed her into the kitchen. All the appliances were brand new except for an old cast iron stove in perfect condition.

“This house is amazing.”

“Arvin and I did it ourselves. Probably what sunk our marriage.” She reached into the fridge and pulled out a potbellied pitcher. “Iced tea?”



“Why not?”

The sound of a clock chiming made Evan look at his watch. Five of.  Within a minute another chimed, then another, then another. Molly chuckled. “I collect, repair and sell antique clocks. You’ll get used to it.”


  1. I totally love the description of the house. It's so real you put me in the rooms.

  2. Hehe...a feisty chihuahua....cute. I'm liking these two already.

  3. Love the details in this excerpt! And the tone. These two are adorable!

  4. No idea where my comment went ... loved the description as well ... and the way you brought in the "small chick" And I wonder whether he'll get used to the clocks or make himself get used to them ;-)

  5. I like it...a girl who works with clocks...and a feisty one at that. :)

  6. Apart from 'her hair called Molly', :-) lol, I loved this week's offering. Great discriptions

  7. Terrific start to your new - unnamed as of yet - book. These two should play off of each other very well. Loved the 'Chihuahua' phrase. And I liked how you worked the prompt in as well.
    Trisha Faye

  8. I love her spunk. Can't wait for more. I'm hooked.

  9. Nice touch with the antique clocks it really makes your heroine more interesting.

  10. I love how different your characters are in each of your stories.