Monday, May 6, 2013


 Welcome to Tuesday Tales! Thanks for stopping by. This is the continuation of Rory's story, THE RESCUED HEART, and the first day Hack shows up to fulfill his sentence.
 “You couldn’t wait a damn…” Rory said as she opened the door. She looked up. Dr. Hack Roberts filled the space, his husky, six foot two-inch frame, lazed against the door jamb.

“You knew I was coming. Couldn’t be ready on time? I hate women who are late,” he said, stepping across the threshold.
“It’s not easy to get dressed with this…this thing on my arm.”
“So start earlier.” He walked in and stopped, his gaze perusing the room. “Let’s get this started. I have other things to do than babysit you. Where do I sit?”
“You’re here until three, right?”
“So the judge said.” 
She didn’t know whether she wanted to smack the bored, annoyed look off his face or kiss him. Kiss him? Never! Rory pushed the thought out of her mind, but couldn’t tear her gaze off his mocking brown eyes, kissable lips or thick, light brown hair.
“Here,” she pulled out a chair at her tiny desk, just big enough to hold her laptop. He turned his gaze from her breasts to the chair.
“You expect someone my size to squeeze into this tiny space for five hours every day?”
“I expect you to do what the judge said.” Her mouth closed into a tight frown.
His cell phone rang. It played the Swedish Rhapsody.  Intriguing. He likes classical music.
“Felicia,” he said.
“Ah, Miss Pencil calling. Well don’t keep her waiting, Mr. Pussy-whipped.”
He glared at her. Rory lounged on the arm of the sofa, sipping coffee from a pink striped mug, listening to his conversation.
“I’m here until three Felicia. What? No. No, I can’t. That’s what the judge said.”

There was a long silence.
“You want me to get my ass slapped in jail? I’m sure Rory wouldn’t agree to that. No. Three months. Get over it.” He closed the phone. Laughter bubbled up in Rory’s chest. “Leash too long for Miss Splinter?”
He scowled. “None of your business.”
“Tell twiggy not to call. While you’re here you’re mine…my prisoner. To do with as I wish.”
“I mean for typing.”
“So where’s the stuff. What do you write, anyway?”
His face colored in a deep blush. “I’m going to be typing sex stuff?”
“Did I say sex?”
“No, but usually they go hand in hand.”
“Hand in hand? I might not put it exactly like that,” she giggled.

Friday, May 3, 2013


Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. This Sweet Saturday Sample is from IF I LOVED YOU, the first book in the spicy Hollywood Hearts series. 

The conversation is between Megan Davis, a financial advisor and Chaz Duncan, drop-dead gorgeous movie star. 
“Look, I know you’re famous. My brother is famous…”
“Mark Davis. Star quarterback for the Delaware Demons, right?”
“He’s my twin.”
“You don’t look at all alike. Can you toss a football?” A smile curled his lips.
“Like I haven’t heard that one before. I don’t give a damn you’re famous, okay. Can we get that straight? I’m not impressed, not going to grovel at your feet. You’re simply a potential client whose money I may be managing. No more and no less. I’m not going to swoon and ask for an autograph or throw myself at you. Of course, I’ll do my best to take care of your money as if it was my own, but that’s as far as it goes.”

“Way to use your charm on me to win my business.” Chaz leaned forward.
“I don’t need charm; I have brains.” A smug smile crossed Meg’s lips.
“Whoa! Oh, yes…Harvard M.B.A., right? Harvey told me.” Chaz sat back in his chair again.
“Right.” Meg leaned back, too, folding her arms across her chest.
“Yale School of Drama here. So don’t condescend to me. I’m not a ‘dumb’ actor in love with himself. And you’re dressed pretty hot for a financial advisor with only dollars and cents on her mind. Not that I’m objecting. I love eye candy…great rack, too…” He grinned at her then pulled out his cell phone.
“Eye candy? Rack? Did you say rack? Why the nerve! Is that your cell phone? Turn it off…” She rose up out of her seat.
“My cell phone is my livelihood. I’m not going to miss an audition or an opportunity to read a script because you want my phone off. And rack is a more polite term than some men would use.”
Megan sank down in her chair, speechless, while Chaz returned a text message.

“I think perhaps you should talk to someone else here…” She stood up and moved toward the door, but Chaz’s strong grip on her arm stopped her.
“Sit down,” he said quietly.

A Bit About the Book
 Does love always mean total truth? Successfully shunning the limelight, Megan Davis kept her family secret safe. Disrespectful of tabloid superstars, Meg was shocked when selected to launch a celebrity division in her investment firm. Gorgeous, magnetic movie star, Chaz Duncan valued privacy above all else. Drawn to Megan for more than financial advice, will he share a secret or continue his high profile but lonely existence? Jealousy, deceit and scandal threaten two careers and the quest for true love and trust in this roller-coaster-ride contemporary romance.