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Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. I haven't done a book cover art gallery in an age. Here are some of my favorite covers, incluidng 3 of mine. It's a feast for the eyes Go ahead, fall for a book by its cover! If you enjoy the gallery, please leave a comment.


I hope you enjoyed this visual treat, all designed by Dawne Domique. I hope you'll check out some of the books here. Yes, judge a book by its cover!

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Saturday, April 19, 2014


Welcome!Thanks for stopping by. Here's a peek at the military romance, LOVE LOST AND FOUND, I wrote with retired Marine, Ben Tanner. 
"What branch of the service are you in?" she asked him, taking a napkin from her bag to clean up a small blob of cream cheese that had fallen on her dress.
"The Marines, assigned to a Force Reconnaissance Unit."
“I have no clue what that means.”
He laughed.

“You and a million other people. Is this your first time going to St. Thomas?" he asked before taking another bite of the sandwich.
“I've always wanted to go's supposed to be so romantic," she said, feeling heat rise to her cheeks. "You?"
"Yes...wish it were under better circumstances. Don't want to talk about it, besides I’m sure you don't want to hear about it. We’re going to paradise—”
"Betcha my story’s worse than yours!" A small smile played at the corners of her lips.
"Ooh, sounds like a challenge. Sure you're up to it?" He shot her a one-sided grin.
“Bring it on.”
"First, what are the stakes? Dinner? A walk on the beach?"
“Dinner and a walk on the beach...okay?” She took another bite of her sandwich.
“You drive a hard bargain. Done.”
"Dinner and a walk on the beach it is, if I win. What do you want if you win?"
"I want dinner, a walk on the beach, and a boat ride to see the islands."

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


We continue my football romance this week. Our hero has changed his name to Griff. A brief word. Griff helped raise his sister's kids after they lost their father on 9/11. Recently she remarried and move to San Francisco, taking a big chunk of his life with her. The WIP remained untitled.

      Griff Montgomery stopped on Elm Street and peered at a door. The sign said “open”. He walked into his favorite local bar, “The Savage Beast”. Eve was behind the bar, setting up.
“Not open yet,” she called out.
 “Sign says open.”
“Griff?” She looked up. “Come on in.” She beamed a 1,000 watt smile at him. He looked her over with appreciation. A sexy smile curved his lips. Eve’s got it all, amazing body, great personality. Her long black hair swung down to cover her very low neckline a bit. She tossed it back with a snap of her head. His gaze lingered on her breasts.
“You’re early.” 
"Early practice. Got anything special today?”
“Yeah, Roddy’s new drink, the Savage Sunrise.”
Griff lifted an eyebrow. “What’s in it?”
“Same as a Tequila Sunrise only papaya juice instead of orange. He says it’s healthier. I think it’s bullshit.”
Griff laughed. “Now I have to try it. Bring it on.”

She peeked at him as she mixed the drink. “Got a lot of free time nowadays?”
“You might say that.” She placed the drink in front of him.
“When are you gonna fix me up with one of your teammates?”
“What’s wrong with me?” He sipped the drink and gave her thumbs up. 
“We’ve been fuck buddies long enough to know it’s not happening beyond the bedroom.”
“Don’t know ‘till you try.”
“I hate to ruin a good friendship.”
“I knew you were gonna say that.”
After two more Savage Sunrises, Griff slipped off the stool and returned home, alone, for another evening of unbearable quiet and sitting on the deck watching the birds and their mates.

Friday, April 11, 2014


Welcome!! I love spring because it brings flowers! To celebrate spring. I'm giving away ebook copies of  SEDUCING HIS HEART, my spring release, to 5 commenters. Tell me what your favorite part of spring is and say "yes" if you want to receive my new newsletter. Don't forget your EMAIL address. I can't award prizes without it.Here are some images of spring  I captured in New York City and a few short quotes from two of my books.Thanks for stopping by.
A bit about the book
Anyone would be a marriage-phobe, too, if they grew up in Whitfield Bass's house. After he was born, his mother deserted the family. Their father, a journalist, traveled extensively and left his four sons with relatives, or babysitters. Whit's closest brother hated him and blamed him for their mother's desertion. Whit told Bess he'd never marry, never trust a woman not to take off and leave him with a house full of broken children who couldn't be fixed. 
Can you blame him?                                       

“What a shame! I’d love to bake a pie for you.”
“Really?” He returned the ticket book to his back pocket and gave Bess the once-over again.
Rescue My Heart

The heat of two bodies grinding together in passionate, sweaty sex wasn’t even off the sheets before Bruce pushed out of bed and headed for the coffeemaker.
Rescue My Heart

He took a big slug of his drink as he stared at her body. “You’re naked under there, aren’t you?” She nodded. “You know that drives me crazy.
Rescue My Heart

“Sorry, I wasn’t looking,” she mumbled.
“No harm, no foul,” Mark muttered, his gaze resting on her generous breasts for a moment before returning to her face. 
His Leading Lady

She looks like a deer caught in the headlights. Make her feel safe, you idiot! “No, no, real dessert. I hear they have great hot fudge here. How about splitting a hot fudge sundae with me?
His Leading Lady

There was something about him that had made her feel safe. It was an unusual sensation for Penny, and she treasured it.  
His Leading Lady 

She touched his arm. He seized the opportunity to draw her into his embrace. His strong hug eased her mind. The warmth of his body relaxed her muscles. 
His Leading Lady

Who’d believe such beauty could have so much ugliness in her life? He wanted to fix it. He wanted to make her smile, to make her trust again.
His Leading Lady


Telling him her story seemed to have unlocked something in Penny. 
His Leading Lady
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Monday, April 7, 2014


Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. Here's another installment in my WIP which doesn't have a name yet. We met Evan last week.  He had lived with his sister and her two children since their father was killed on 911. But when his sister finally remarried, Evan lost his family when they moved to San Francisco. He plays football for the Connecticut Kings.

 Evan towered over the pretty, curvy woman with auburn hair, named Molly. She squinted up
at him.
“Football, eh? Connecticut Kings. Hmm. No wild parties. No drunken brawls.”
“I’m not…”
“There are a lot of valuable things in this house. A lot of antique clocks.”
“If you want to move them…”
“What? Use a little self-control. If you’re going to rent this house, you’d better respect it.”

“Can we go in?” Got a lot of fuckin’ attitude for a small chick. Like a feisty Chihuahua. He laughed to himself.

“Something funny, big man?” She cocked an eyebrow at him.

“No, no. After you,” he made a gesture and held the door as she swung it open.

“I know this house is about half the size of that monstrosity you’re used to.”
 “I’m getting it ready to sell.”

“Damn albatross.”

He stepped into one of the most beautiful houses he’d ever seen. The living room walls were painted a light Robin’s egg blue, with white trim. The white marble mantle held an antique clock, with a rich dark wood patina. There weren’t many tchotchkes around. Thank God. I hate clutter.  He notice the perfect dark wood floors with pristine oriental area rugs.

He followed her into the kitchen. All the appliances were brand new except for an old cast iron stove in perfect condition.

“This house is amazing.”

“Arvin and I did it ourselves. Probably what sunk our marriage.” She reached into the fridge and pulled out a potbellied pitcher. “Iced tea?”



“Why not?”

The sound of a clock chiming made Evan look at his watch. Five of.  Within a minute another chimed, then another, then another. Molly chuckled. “I collect, repair and sell antique clocks. You’ll get used to it.”

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Welcome to Sneak Peek Sunday. Today's snippet is from my newest release, SEDUCING HIS HEART. Thanks for stopping by.
“Your payment for helping me.” She finished her second glass. The combination of the wine, the desserts, and the closeness of his tempting body ratcheted up her heat higher, and she began to sweat. If I could stick my head in the fridge. 
   Bess covered up the pie and took it to the refrigerator. She stayed longer than necessary, cooling her face and body. Then, she returned to pack up the cake. 
   Whit stood only a breath away. He touched her hand, making her shiver as she wiped a smidgeon of food from his chin with her thumb. Whit rested his arm around her shoulders and eased her against him.
Reason had flown out the window. As she swayed toward him, her voice grew softer, causing him to bend down to hear. “We shouldn’t.”
  The wine had reduced her inhibitions to ashes. His breath fanned over her cheek, his mouth only a kiss away. She lifted her glass to keep from touching his lips with hers before she realized it was empty. The front door opened, saving her from intimacy with Whit. 
   Terry stood, filling the frame with his wide shoulders and hips concealing an automatic weapon. “I heard there was a tasting here. I had no idea you’d be tasting my girlfriend, buddy.” He rested his hand on his weapon.
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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Welcome to Sneak Peek Sunday! This is the opening from my new FREE book, series starter for the Hollywood Hearts series, called, 


Boom! The beautiful blonde barreled into Mark’s chest right in front of Jean Louis Designs on Rodeo Drive. He grabbed her upper arms to keep her from falling and stared into the biggest, bluest eyes he’d ever seen. The flash of a dazzling white smile, a whiff of lily of the valley perfume, golden hair, and perfect features blurred everything else around him.
“I’m so sorry,” she said. Or did she? He was so mesmerized he barely distinguished the words. 
She stood as transfixed as he, focused on his baby blues, until a man abruptly tapped her shoulder. “We’ll be late, Penny, come on.”
“Sorry, I wasn’t looking,” she mumbled.
“No harm, no foul,” Mark muttered, his gaze resting on her generous breasts for a moment before returning to her face. Toting a shopping bag in each hand, she smiled at him again and was gone, as quickly as she had arrived. Mark Davis stood in front of the door, transfixed, as if his feet had been embedded in the cement sidewalk.
“Come on, buddy, you’re blocking traffic,” Harley Brennan, his best friend and teammate, said, giving him a nudge.Mark snapped out of his reverie and moved away from the tony store. “Wow,” he said. “A hottie. Yeah. A wet dream on legs.”
A bit about the book
Fresh-faced quarterback Mark thinks he’s scored a touchdown after winning actress Penny Thatcher’s affection. But a public revelation soon threatens his chances…. Is love the one game he can’t win? A charming will-they-won’t-they romance.
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