Monday, March 28, 2016

TUESDAY TALES - WORD PROMPT "SWALLOW" #shortstory #amwriting

Welcome. Life took over last week and I couldn't post. But I'm back this week. We return to the work-in-progress, tentatively titled, "Too Late for Goodbye."

Jackie stared back and forth from one to the other. She recognized a physical resemblance but had no memory of them. Pain like she had never known seared her body.
“Mom? Dad?”
“Mama and Pop,” Bill corrected.
As if he had placed a puzzle piece in her brain, the sound of his voice and the nicknames reverberated in her head, brought their names back to her. She nodded.
“Yes. I remember those names.”
“That’s us,” Betty said in a low voice.
 “What happened to you, sweetheart?” Bill probed.
“I don’t know.” She swallowed, surprised she was still upset to admit that after so many months of explaining again and again that she hadn’t a clue.
“Oh my God,” Betty’s fingers flew to her mouth and she turned to her husband and sobbed.
“Can you come with us, Ms. Tremont? I think we can clear some of this up and you can go home with your family.” The officer motioned her to follow.
After two hours at the police station, Jackie was released into the custody of the Tremonts. The investigators instructed her to call them the moment she recollected anything at all. The earnest looks on their faces gave them credibility. They had been most kind through her ordeal. Jackie promised to get back in touch if her memory returned. She thanked everyone in the station house for their kindness and care.

After a tearful farewell with Angela, Jackie slid into the backseat of the older couple’s car. Fear and emotion had tugged at her all day, exhausting her. She slept most of the way back to Pine Grove. Once they arrived, after settling her in her old room, her parents showed her pictures of them together in happier times. Jackie believed that they were her family. A tension she’d been holding for a long time melted and flowed out of her. She’d have to get to know them again, but that would be okay. At least she had a family. 

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Monday, March 14, 2016


Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. This week we continue with a short excerpt from my WIP, "Too Late for Goodbye" and the word prompt "Grab." Don't forget to visit the wonderful authors of Tuesday Tales. Scroll down for a link below. 

The next morning, after Angela left for work, Jackie bundled up and went for a walk. Though she still walked with a slight limp, she was determined to get her smooth stride back. Then she did some hand exercises as she perused the want ads on Angela’s computer. I have to get a job.
 She’d only been at Angela’s house for four days when law enforcement showed up, right after Angela.
“You’re home early. Are you okay? Jackie asked her friend.
“I’m fine. The police are here. They want to ask you a few questions. They’ve brought someone else, too,” Angela said, stepping back, holding the door open.
Two uniformed officers entered, followed by an older couple. Jackie stood up from the computer table and grabbed her cane. There was a gasp from the man and the woman burst into tears. Jackie stared at them, fear coursing through her veins.
“Do you recognize these people?” One officer asked her.
“Should I?”
“Oh my God. Jackie. Jackie, darling. My sweet girl,” the woman moaned.
“Seems they’re your parents,” the other officer chimed in.
Jackie froze, unable to suck air into her lungs. Her heart beat doubled, pounding in her ears.

“This is Betty and Bill Tremont. They live in Pine Grove. They’ve just reported you missing.”

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

V.L. Locey: Tuesday Tales - Picture Prompt

This respite from the tension of Jon's life is most welcome. But why do I feel it's temporary? I love that Charlotte has fooled everyone. The secret is a wonderful one. Love this story.

Monday, March 7, 2016


Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. This is the picture and the story is, tentatively, "Too Late for Goodbye." This is a work-in-progress and has not been edited. 


Bill Tremont yanked open the car door. “Get in, Betty.”
     “Are you sure you want to do this?”
     “What the hell’s wrong with you, woman? Our daughter’s been missing going on a year now. And you think she’s just finished with us? Bullshit. I don’t buy it for a minute and I’m sick of sitting around listening to you make excuses. I’m driving to South Hampton now. You can either come with or stay home. The choice is yours.”
Betty Tremont got in the front seat. Her husband threw the car in gear and headed down Route 16 toward the highway. They had a good fifteen miles to go, Bill’s foot pushed down on the accelerator.
“Take it easy, Bill.”                                          
“Shoulda done this six months ago. Eight months ago!”
“What if she’s there and just doesn’t want to speak to us?”
“Then I’ll take her over my knee, give her a lecture and come home. At least I’ll know she’s alive.”
“Oh, Bill, you don’t really think she’s…”
He put his hand on her arm. “I don’t. But we’ve gotta know. Don’t get upset. If the news is bad, there’ll be plenty of time to lose it then.”
Betty patted his hand. “Always the voice of reason.”
They drove on in silence, each lost in their own thoughts. Bill didn’t often lie to his wife, but he did today. She’d been able to read his mind very soon into their thirty year marriage. And this time was no exception. Grim thoughts about his daughter were what drove him behind the wheel. Betty voiced exactly what he had been thinking. Jackie’s dead. Why else would she lose contact with us?
Bill Tremont had a reputation as a truthful and curious man. He had to know, always. And the fate of his daughter was no exception.