Thursday, October 27, 2011

Weekend Dirty Dozen - April's' Kiss in the Moonlight

This Weekend's Dirty Dozen is from a new release, April's Kiss in the Moonlight, a sweet contemporary romance.This is a conversation between April and Gavin, who are getting to know each other:

“Didn‟t mean to scare you,” he said, moving to the bench next to her.
“You don‟t scare me.” She was lying; he could see it in her eyes.
He stared at her lips for a moment, wondering what they tasted like and how long he‟d have to wait to find out before turning his gaze to the dogs. 

“Don‟t want to scare you. If I wanted to...I could,” he said, shooting her a wicked grin.
“Stop teasing,” she said.
“Not teasing, where is your ring?”
“I'm not engaged I took it off.” She shrugged, rubbing her thumb and forefinger around the base of her ring finger.
“Dumped the guy?”
“He died.”

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A little bit about the book
Fresh from graduate school, April McKenna, beautiful and brilliant vows to strike out on a new path rather than return to San Francisco to take a job with her father’s firm. She meets Rusty and sets off for an escapade that ends in tragedy. Injured and alone she is taken in by Sunny Davis, a friend of her mother’s who lives in a small town in the Catskill Mountains in New York.  During her recovery, April resolves to carve out an exotic life of travel and adventure. But she didn’t count on a sexy fireman upsetting her plans. Gavin Dailey has dated practically every woman in the county, but when he meets April, he knows he’s finally found the one he wants.  

Only a stubborn man like Gavin wouldn’t let April’s resistance to his charm and his small town change his plans. Determined to win her, he pulls out all the stops until he encounters one stumbling block he didn’t count on. Only a near-tragedy resurrected from the past gives April the tenacity she needs to make the right decision for her life in April’s Kiss in the Moonlight
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