Monday, October 17, 2016


Welcome! Maggie's Story has to go on the shelf before I give away everything. But it will be out early next year as a novella. Now we're going to take a peek into my WIP holiday book, A Kings' Christmas. 
This scene opens with Lexie Sebastian shopping in town for Thanksgiving dinner. First stop, the bakery. 


   Lexie held the door for her stepmother, Jo. 
   "How about some bread?"
   The younger woman wrinkled her nose. 
   "But Lyssa makes that great garlic toast. For during the game or before dinner?"
   "If you want it," she said, wandering over to the window. 
   Jo touched her stepdaughter's shoulder. "Are you okay?"
   "I guess."
   "That doesn't sound very positive. What's wrong?"
   "Tuffer and his parents are coming tomorrow."
   "I'm glad they could make it. I want to meet them."
   "They're real nice. Even dad won't be able to criticize them."
   "Then what's the problem?" Jo eyed the fresh bread section. 
   "It's just's kinda silly."
   "What?" Jo took a number and got on line.
   "I was hoping Tuffer and I could have some time alone. I think there's something he wants to ask me." She stared at her hands. 
   Jo's head snapped up. She narrowed her eyes. 
   "Do you mean what I think you mean?"
   "How long were you dating dad before he proposed?"
   "Long enough. Why?"
   "No reason. Tuffer and I have been dating for almost a year. Is that long enough?"
   "It depends. Your father and I were older. He'd been married. We knew more."
   "Did you feel more? Because I can't imagine you could’ve loved dad more than I love Tuffer."
   "You do?" Her eyebrows shot up.   
   "There'll be too many people around. He has to take care of his parents."
   "Are the invalids?"
   "No. But he'll want to. Not want to leave them alone."
   "You'll still love him as much after the holiday."
   "Don't tell dad, okay?" 
   "Okay. Probably give him a heart attack, anyway. Which bread do you want?"
   "The boule."
   "We'll take two boules," Jo said to the person behind the counter. On the way out, she slipped a wedding cake brochure in her pocket.