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This is book 1 in a 5 book series. Here's a snippet:
Callie counted on the Masters Degree to restart her life which came to a halt when Kyle died. Now, at twenty-six, Kyle no longer existed and despite the ache in her heart, she tried to move on, alone but determined. She found peace in the beauty of Willow Falls a whistle stop town of 5,000, and the campus with its stately trees, well-kept buildings, manicured lawns and shrubs. She began to feel hope her life might begin again, maybe it would begin here.
 Mac got closer to the window. He couldn’t see her perfectly, but enough to know she wasn’t familiar. The other students rushing around were in groups, or at least pairs. This young woman was alone. He watched her as she walked toward the administration building, his gaze drawn to the graceful motion of her body, the gentle sway of her hips.

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This is a prequel to the Hollywood Hearts series.
A snippet: 
A little thrill shot through Penny when Mark glanced at her for a second before covering his sunny, blond hair with his helmet and trotting onto the field. Her heart thumped, and her palms went damp. Suddenly, Mark’s performance mattered. She hardly knew him, but she wanted him to succeed. Not just to best the obnoxious, full-of-himself Darvin Sweetwater, but to win out because he was good, the best. He seemed so nice, so real.
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This is a novella, prequel to the Moonlight series. This is a sweet book with no sex.
A snippet: 
Caroline grabbed the paper and read the listings. “Five hundred dollars a ticket! Where would we get that kind of money to toss away on a dinner?” 
"Some are less. Here’s one that’s only $150 a plate. We can squeeze out $300. I’ve put a little bit aside. Kind of like a dowry, since you will be getting married someday.” 
“Don’t hold your breath, Mom. Prince Charming isn’t exactly beating down my door.” 
“Not yet, but he will. Look at you, Caroline. You’re beautiful. We’re going. I’ll go with you so you don’t have to worry about being shy.” 
“Pin a sign on my back, ‘Daughter for Sale’,” Caroline said, refilling her coffee. 
“Hush! What a terrible thing to say. Is it a crime for a mother to want her daughter…well fixed?” 
“It depends, Mom…” 
“I’m going to the fabric store today. You need a suitable dress,” Linda said, folding up the newspaper.  
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This review of TO LOVE OR NOT TO LOVE on Manic Reader's is every author's dream. I had to share it. 

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MR Review
Reviewer: Reviewer
Miranda Bradford has a hectic life with the care of her ill mother, her sister in college, her play to finish and her dog's to walk. Where does she have time for a man and besides they just run for the hills when they find out her time is limited and not always available to them. That is until one of her dogs runs over Penn Roberts during a squirrel chase.
Penn Roberts is determined to build his "tribute," thinking he needs to live up to his deceased father's beliefs no matter the cost. Meeting Miranda turns his world upside down, forcing him to question what really matters. Will it be worth what he stands to lose?
I can't believe I am done with To Love or Not to Love. It started out at a pretty slow pace I thought for sure I would be putting this book down to read another one to take a break. Boy was I wrong because the next thing I know I am done (NOOOOOOO). Then I took a look at the notes I write for my reviews and discovered I had only made three notes for this book so I had to go back and see why this was and all I can say is this is such a well written and thought out book that I got so into taking went right out the window.
The characters grabbed my attention and kept it; when Miranda was angry I want to kick Penn where it hurt and when Penn was devastated or confused I wanted to help him find his way to Miranda. I swear I was a yoyo going back and forth between the characters rooting for Penn then rooting for Miranda, then rooting for Susan knowing how much she wanted Miranda to be happy and loved.
You can tell the author took great care in writing this book as there were no signs of missing words or sentences that didn't fit or make makes sense. The only thing I found in reading this book was one inconsistency where Alfred somehow became Arthur but that was all.  
Out of curiosity, I want to know if this book was part of a series and it turns out it is. So I must read the other three books I found which means that yes I will undoubtedly read this book again. Great writing Jean C. Joachim, I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more of your work.

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I'm sharing some of my favorite ads from CRAVINGS, the magazine published by Secret Cravings Publishing. I'm including some holiday ads, too. Don't you just love these covers?

Yes, I designed these ads for the magazine. These are all from the premiere issue. Here are a few from January, 2014. 

And our back cover, showcasing so many of our glorious covers. I love cover art! Check back for more ads from other months.

Curious about my books? Find them HERE, my free books, too. 
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My Interview with Captain Danny Maine from NOW AND FOREVER 2, THE BOOK OF DANNY

Interview with Captain Danny Maine

            It’s not often a writer gets to interview her characters, so I appreciate your stopping by, Captain Maine.
Danny:            Please call me Danny.
Me:                 Okay. So tell me, what is your favorite flavor of ice cream.
Danny:            Blonde, brunette or redhead, I love them all…oh *blushes* ice cream. I guess I’d have to say any flavor with hot fudge sauce applied liberally…anywhere. And it  doesn’t have to be eaten from a cone or with a spoon.
Me:                 Ahem *clears throat* I see, gotcha. How about a favorite book?
Danny:            Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane or For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway
Me:                 Favorite movie?
Danny:            Saving Private Ryan, that’s a gimme, right?
Me:                 Should have guessed…the military connection.
Danny:            Debbie Does Dallas was on the top of my list, too.
Me:                 TMI, Danny. Favorite actresses, while we’re on the subject of women.
Danny:            Any that take their clothes off. Distracts me from any possible bad acting.
Me:                 *Blushes* Okay….how about favorite vacation spot?
Danny:            Anyplace in the Caribbean where you can have a deserted beach…swim nude and have a little “personal” fun with your traveling companion.
Me:                 You have a one-track mind, I see.
Danny:            Actually, I do. I’m waiting for my girlfriend, Eliza, and we’re…there she is. Gotta run. Thanks for the interview.
Me:                 That was Captain Daniel Maine. Now here’s a short excerpt from his book, Now and Forever 2, the Book of Danny.
“I’ll stop whenever you want to,” he whispered in her ear, but Eliza knew she couldn’t stop...didn’t want to.
She said nothing, moving her arms around his neck, inching closer to him and losing herself in the passion spreading throughout her body. He moved his free hand to her inner thigh, rubbing his thumb lightly over her smooth skin, creating a strong desire…heat she hadn’t felt in years.
Her breathing became ragged.
“Let’s go,” she said, pulling away from him and opening the car door.
Inside, she took his hand and led him into her bedroom. Danny took her in his arms and kissed her as Eliza moaned and pulled up his T-shirt, running her hands up his chest. He ripped
the shirt over his head and tossed it on the floor, then stepped back.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked her, his eyes glowing with excitement.
She nodded, breathless, her body trembling.
“I want you so much,” he said, reaching for her.
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