Thursday, November 20, 2014


Time for my Book Cover Art Gallery! 
Here are some of my favorite covers of books that have advertise in CRAVINGS Magazine. 

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Monday, November 10, 2014



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We honored the Marines in our romantic suspense books, LOVE LOST & FOUND AND DANGEROUS LOVE LOST & FOUND. 
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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


It's about time Ben and I got the sequel to Love, Lost & Found published! And it's not quite out yet. October 20 is the release date. But it's up for pre-order now. Scroll down for the links. 
Here are a few sneak peeks, snippets into Major Tom Davis and Eden Wyatt's story. I hope they whet your appetite to read more.
Excerpt #1

New Year’s Eve, New York City
Eden pushed through the door of the apartment, almost knocking over someone on the other side.
“Hey, watch it,” came a deep voice.
“Sorry,” she called out over the loud music.
Pulling the door out of the way, she looked up into a pair of intense, sky blue eyes. The annoyed expression on the man’s face softened as his gaze traveled down her body. Hers roamed over his blond crew cut back to his inquisitive eyes and then lower to his crisp uniform and impressive display of medals on a broad chest.
A Marine. Brass. She grinned as she looked him over. Shoulders as wide as the island of Manhattan. Nice.
The man extended his hand. “Major Tom Davis.”
“Eden Wyatt.” CIA, but that’s none of your business.
Excerpt #2

“Care to dance?” Tom asked her, setting his glass on the mantle.
A shy smile crept over her face as she placed hers on a side table. “Love to.”
The major took her hand in his and led her out to the center of the room. He placed his other hand on her waist and pulled her a little closer. Eden folded her fingers over his shoulder and stepped into his embrace. “How Do You Fall in Love” blended into “Far Away” by Nickelback, and they kept dancing.
For the second song, Tom pulled her in closer. Eden rested her head on his shoulder. Her soft chest flattened a little against his hard muscle. The pressure of their bodies touching warmed her blood. A whiff of his aftershave mixed with the smell of his freshly ironed shirt and his unique scent, intoxicating her. Although her mind willed her to move back from his seductive warmth, her body rebelled, softening against him. 
Excerpt #3 
Tom raised his tumbler to hers. “To a great new year.” He moved his seat closer to hers.
She clinked her glass against his and smiled. They each took a sip. Eden placed hers on the windowsill so she could pick up a cube of cheese and hold it to his mouth. He ate it slowly, holding her gaze with his. He picked up a strawberry and held it to her lips. She munched on it, keeping eye contact. The air between them crackled with electricity. He’s so tall…handsome.
They fed each other back and forth until she drew the tip of his finger into her mouth. She licked strawberry juice off it then pushed it slowly out again. Looking up, she saw desire flicker in his eyes and a flush steal into his cheeks. Gotcha. Eden noticed his gaze drop to her mouth, so she swiped the tip of her tongue across her lower lip. Sweat broke out on his forehead as he stared.
They were sitting close, knees touching when everyone started yelling. Fireworks were heard in the distance. Midnight.
He whispered so softly she almost didn’t hear him. “If you’re going to do that…I’m going to do this.” He leaned over and brushed his lips against hers then planted a real kiss. When he sat back, he said, “Happy New Year, Eden.”
She was breathless and could only nod her head.
Excerpt #4
The delicious aroma of bacon cooking crept into the bathroom, seducing his taste buds. His stomach rumbled. As he finished wiping off his face, he realized he had forgotten to bring in his clothes. Towel around the waist. Give her a gander, like she gave me. He chuckled at the bold assumption that she was interested in him. Is she a flirt, or does she like me? Guess I’ll find out now. He gave a short laugh as he opened the door.
“What’s so funny—?” she began, but ended in a gasp when she saw him.
“Sorry. Left my clothes out here.”

 Her gaze slid down his chest like the caress of a warm hand. “Wow. Great way to wake me up, major.”
He sensed heat moving up into his neck. Her frank appreciation of his body embarrassed him more than he had expected. They stood, staring at each other, until the pleasant bacon aroma turned slightly acrid.
“The bacon!” she shrieked, returning quickly to the kitchen.
The smoke alarm went off then, sending a shrill scream through the apartment. Tom stood on a small stool and reset it while she pulled the pan off the flame then opened a window. They both burst out laughing.
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