Monday, January 26, 2015


Welcome to Tuesday Tales. Our word this week is "stutter". My story continues with Kate this week. She will be the 5th book in the Manhattan Dinner Club series. 

Shuffling through the pattern book at the fabric store on 39th Street, Kate’s mind wandered back to when she had approached her husband, Tracy, about starting a business.
“You want to be a seamstress? A sewer? A dressmaker? What are you nuts?” He stuttered, unable to get out all the epithets he could think of for what she wanted to do. The word designer wasn’t among them.
“No wife of mine is going to labor like that. Take care of the kids, cook, fuck me every night –there’s plenty for you to do right here,” he had huffed.
Her hand shook as she fumbled with the pages. What am I doing? Was he right? Two more pages. And if I don’t find it. That’s it. Bess can buy a dress for the Emmy’s. She flipped the heavy duty paper and the next dress stopped her cold. That’s it! She’ll be a Goddess. Perfect! 
Kate wrote down the number of the pattern and approached the man behind the counter.
While he looked for it, her gaze searched the small store. There were bolts of fabric stuck in every nook and cranny.
Piled high in one corner was lace. Satin occupied the space against the back wall. As her creative juices began to flow, she smiled. Jersey. Sparkly jersey. But it’s so hard to sew. I’ll figure it out.
“Where do you keep the softer fabric?”
“Jersey? Follow me.” Short and on the round side with a kind face, the man led her to the back. Bolt after bolt of material, from brightly colored to pastels, stood before her.
“Take your time,” he said, returning to the front.
A bolt of dark turquoise leaped out at her. That’s it! She carried the bolt to the counter. As the man measured out the fabric, a deep voice grabbed her attention.

“Good choice.”
She turned, setting her gaze on bright, intense blue eyes set in a handsome face. He looked to be around forty years old.
"Thank you."
"That color will be beautiful on you. 
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Monday, January 12, 2015


After thinking I'd finished the Manhattan Dinner Club series, a new story came to me. Here's a little snippet of a story yet to come. 
   Kate tromped up the stairs, kicking snow from her boots with each step. Jeff’s plane took off just as her cab pulled up to the terminal. He was off to Asia for three weeks, to get away from Christmas and to buy fabric. To get away from me, too.  
    Once inside, she was greeted by her pug, Louie. She lit a fire in the small fireplace of her studio apartment and popped a bottle of champagne. It was Christmas Eve. She filled her flute and sat by the fire. There were a few gifts under her tiny tree.  
None from Tracy. What did you expect? You're divorced now. Something from the gals at the Dinner Club. She sighed and leaned back.   Louie curled up next to her, putting his head on her leg. Jeff. Gone. I blew it. She couldn’t blame him. She had treated him shabbily, always putting Tracy first, as if her ex would come crawling back. What did I expect?
Jeff was the best thing to happen to her in a long time. Now he was gone and all Kate had to keep her warm was a thin blanket of regret. Tears gathered behind her eyes, she diverted herself by opening presents. 
    The kids always sent at least one gag gift. This year it was a book of humorous sayings. Perfect timing. Jeff was funny. That’s what brought him to her attention. She took a deep breath. After the last gift, Kate noticed something gleaming under the tree. Gold Ribbon. 
    There was a small gift wrapped perfectly with beautiful ribbon. She had no idea how it got there or who it was from. Tearing open the little box, there was a beautiful gold bracelet tucked inside. The card read, “With love, Jeff.” 

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