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New York Nights novels

I haven't highlighted these books in a while, though they are some of my favorites. I admit I've fallen for Grey Andrews and plan to write another book for him and the "List" cast of characters. Here are a few quotes from readers:
“The Marriage List is one of those romance novels that makes you smile with that glowing, all is right with the world, feeling.”  K.B.
“You will instantly fall in love with Grey the leading male. Women will fall in love with him and men will want to be him” T.
“I fell in love with Grey immediately. He is the man every woman wants to find. Carrie is strong & caring. I was totally enthralled by this story.”  L.G.
“Finally a book were the main characters have a normal human relationship.”  S.L.
“The Marriage List had me laughing out loud as well as pulling for Grey and Carrie. This was a great read, I highly recommend!”  A.B.
This is Grey's townhouse in Manhattan.
Let's skip the blurb and go right to an excerpt: The next night he went out to dinner with his sister, Jenna. She was two years younger than Grey and engaged to be married. She was a teacher and came to New York City to shop for a wedding dress. He took her to a nice French restaurant, Grey had a good day in the stock market and wanted to treat his baby sister to a great dinner.
            Jenna sipped her wine.
            “How are you feeling about…uh…getting married?” He asked her.
            “Great! Bill is everything I’ve always wanted in a man,” Jenna cooed.
            “Is he a good listener?”
            She nodded.
            “A good provider?”

            “He makes a good salary as corporate counsel for the bank.”
            “And…in the sack…?” Grey asked, embarrassing himself.
            “Grey! That’s none of your business…what we do in private. Honestly!”
            “I know, but are you…ah, compatible?”
            “What do you mean?”
            “You know what I mean, Jenna. Stop playing with me,” Grey insisted.
            “If you would stop asking such a personal question…”
            “Compatible…like you both want it the same all the time, uh, most of the time.”
            “Grey! I can’t believe you asked me that.”
            “Are you?”

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Sunday, April 27, 2014


Welcome! Here's a sneak peek into MEMORIES OF LOVE, a Hollywood Hearts book. These are the opening six paragraphs for the book, so they need no explanation.  I hope you enjoy. Thank you for stopping by. Don't forget to return to read the other snippets on Sneak Peek Sunday HERE.

Grant Hollings stood naked at the apartment window. Three a.m., no one can see me. He leaned his toned, tanned body against the window sash. The lights of the city didn’t distract him from the pain shooting through his heart.
I’ll never see her again. A lump formed in his throat, choking him, bringing tears to his eyes. He brushed his dark brown hair off his forehead, scratched his chest, then padded back to bed, lowering himself gently so as not to wake Carol Anne.
She stirred slightly in her sleep. Easing onto his side, his stare roamed over her. Moonlight kissed her, creating highlights that emphasized the perfect planes of her face. He lowered his gaze to her creamy shoulders then all the way down to where the sheet hid her from further perusal. She’s lovely. She’s mine. For one more day. A sigh escaped his throat as he slid closer to the young woman, the love of his life.
Moving up against him, she muttered something he couldn’t understand. Grant pulled her into his embrace, folding his arm around her naked body. He kissed her blonde locks and tried to fall back to sleep. He dozed on and off until the early autumn sun peeked in and woke him at six o’clock. The red melting into orange sunrise began the last day Carol Anne Brewster and Grant Hollings would be together before she flew to Los Angeles to star in her first film.
He rolled over and ran his hand down her side. So soft and smooth. She cozied up to him. He spooned her, nuzzling her neck and pulling the soft, fleece blanket up to shield them against the cool, October morning air. She shifted to her side then lay still. Grant loved cuddling in the mornings, before the outside world intruded on them with work obligations, acting classes, and court appearances. Now it was just Grant and Carol Anne.
He breathed in deeply, enjoying the sweet scent of her skin. Her looks, so breathtaking to the public, ran deep. Her inner beauty, and vulnerability which she bared only to him, had captured his heart. Forsaking other women, he cleaved only to her, which was a big deal for Grant Hollings, up-and-coming D.C. attorney and former heartbreaker.
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Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. I haven't done a book cover art gallery in an age. Here are some of my favorite covers, incluidng 3 of mine. It's a feast for the eyes Go ahead, fall for a book by its cover! If you enjoy the gallery, please leave a comment.


I hope you enjoyed this visual treat, all designed by Dawne Domique. I hope you'll check out some of the books here. Yes, judge a book by its cover!

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Saturday, April 19, 2014


Welcome!Thanks for stopping by. Here's a peek at the military romance, LOVE LOST AND FOUND, I wrote with retired Marine, Ben Tanner. 
"What branch of the service are you in?" she asked him, taking a napkin from her bag to clean up a small blob of cream cheese that had fallen on her dress.
"The Marines, assigned to a Force Reconnaissance Unit."
“I have no clue what that means.”
He laughed.

“You and a million other people. Is this your first time going to St. Thomas?" he asked before taking another bite of the sandwich.
“I've always wanted to go's supposed to be so romantic," she said, feeling heat rise to her cheeks. "You?"
"Yes...wish it were under better circumstances. Don't want to talk about it, besides I’m sure you don't want to hear about it. We’re going to paradise—”
"Betcha my story’s worse than yours!" A small smile played at the corners of her lips.
"Ooh, sounds like a challenge. Sure you're up to it?" He shot her a one-sided grin.
“Bring it on.”
"First, what are the stakes? Dinner? A walk on the beach?"
“Dinner and a walk on the beach...okay?” She took another bite of her sandwich.
“You drive a hard bargain. Done.”
"Dinner and a walk on the beach it is, if I win. What do you want if you win?"
"I want dinner, a walk on the beach, and a boat ride to see the islands."

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


We continue my football romance this week. Our hero has changed his name to Griff. A brief word. Griff helped raise his sister's kids after they lost their father on 9/11. Recently she remarried and move to San Francisco, taking a big chunk of his life with her. The WIP remained untitled.

      Griff Montgomery stopped on Elm Street and peered at a door. The sign said “open”. He walked into his favorite local bar, “The Savage Beast”. Eve was behind the bar, setting up.
“Not open yet,” she called out.
 “Sign says open.”
“Griff?” She looked up. “Come on in.” She beamed a 1,000 watt smile at him. He looked her over with appreciation. A sexy smile curved his lips. Eve’s got it all, amazing body, great personality. Her long black hair swung down to cover her very low neckline a bit. She tossed it back with a snap of her head. His gaze lingered on her breasts.
“You’re early.” 
"Early practice. Got anything special today?”
“Yeah, Roddy’s new drink, the Savage Sunrise.”
Griff lifted an eyebrow. “What’s in it?”
“Same as a Tequila Sunrise only papaya juice instead of orange. He says it’s healthier. I think it’s bullshit.”
Griff laughed. “Now I have to try it. Bring it on.”

She peeked at him as she mixed the drink. “Got a lot of free time nowadays?”
“You might say that.” She placed the drink in front of him.
“When are you gonna fix me up with one of your teammates?”
“What’s wrong with me?” He sipped the drink and gave her thumbs up. 
“We’ve been fuck buddies long enough to know it’s not happening beyond the bedroom.”
“Don’t know ‘till you try.”
“I hate to ruin a good friendship.”
“I knew you were gonna say that.”
After two more Savage Sunrises, Griff slipped off the stool and returned home, alone, for another evening of unbearable quiet and sitting on the deck watching the birds and their mates.