Saturday, March 15, 2014

Welcome to Sneak Peek Sunday! This is the opening from my new FREE book, series starter for the Hollywood Hearts series, called, 


Boom! The beautiful blonde barreled into Mark’s chest right in front of Jean Louis Designs on Rodeo Drive. He grabbed her upper arms to keep her from falling and stared into the biggest, bluest eyes he’d ever seen. The flash of a dazzling white smile, a whiff of lily of the valley perfume, golden hair, and perfect features blurred everything else around him.
“I’m so sorry,” she said. Or did she? He was so mesmerized he barely distinguished the words. 
She stood as transfixed as he, focused on his baby blues, until a man abruptly tapped her shoulder. “We’ll be late, Penny, come on.”
“Sorry, I wasn’t looking,” she mumbled.
“No harm, no foul,” Mark muttered, his gaze resting on her generous breasts for a moment before returning to her face. Toting a shopping bag in each hand, she smiled at him again and was gone, as quickly as she had arrived. Mark Davis stood in front of the door, transfixed, as if his feet had been embedded in the cement sidewalk.
“Come on, buddy, you’re blocking traffic,” Harley Brennan, his best friend and teammate, said, giving him a nudge.Mark snapped out of his reverie and moved away from the tony store. “Wow,” he said. “A hottie. Yeah. A wet dream on legs.”
A bit about the book
Fresh-faced quarterback Mark thinks he’s scored a touchdown after winning actress Penny Thatcher’s affection. But a public revelation soon threatens his chances…. Is love the one game he can’t win? A charming will-they-won’t-they romance.
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