Monday, May 12, 2014


Welcome! This week the word prompt is "Mother". This is from my first book in the new football series, which as yet is still nameless. I hope you like it. Scroll down to the link to return to Tuesday Tales and some fabulous authors.

Griff hauled two shopping bags out of the car. He approached the empty house slowly. The pug opened his eyes and lifted his lip to show his teeth. He growled a low, menacing sound. Goosebumps rose on Griff’s arm as he walked even slower toward the hostile animal. The quarterback fished a can of food out of the bag, popped it open and shook some of the wet mush into a ceramic dish.

He placed it on the ground and backed away. The dog sniffed the air and moved forward, keeping his eyes trained on Griff, as he refilled the water bowl from a bottle. The pug licked the food, then chowed down. Tears pricked Griff’s eyes as he watched. He was starving. Tears turned to anger. What motherfucker deserts this little guy, leaving him to die? When he finished eating, the canine took a long drink. He sat back on his haunches, staring at Griff.
“Here boy,” Griff said, crouching down and extending his hand, balancing a dog treat on his palm. The dog crept closer, sniffing the air. When he got close enough, he snatched the treat from Griff’s hand and retreated back to his post guarding the house.

Feeding the pug became part of
Griff’s regular routine. In the locker room, he told Buddy.
“Before you bring a chick home, you gotta stop and feed the dog?”
“Yeah, so?”
“A mood killer.” Buddy lathered his face.
“I’d rather be a mood killer than a dog killer.” Griff opened his locker.
“Chicks love guys who love dogs. Maybe I should get in on this.”
Griff laughed. “You?”
“What’s so funny? Dogs love me.”
“Yeah, but chicks don’t.”
Buddy rifled a shoe at Griff’s head.


  1. Okay, I am now officially a member of Griff`s fan club! What a good guy.

  2. cute post. I love the ending! LOL!

  3. gaining the trust of dogs and kids is difficult but genuine when achieved. nice TT

  4. My favorite things athletes, dogs and cats. I know I'm going to love this story,

  5. Awww. Now Griff sounds like a great guy. Beautifully done. :) Also love the interplay between the athletes. It's spot on andfun.

  6. there is always that one who makes everything about chicks- lol. I'll take Griff please

  7. Love the tenderness Griff is showing the pug

  8. I liked the interactions - between Griff and the pug and Griff and his teammate. It shows two different aspects of his personality; compassion and playfulness.

  9. Love the pug:) A man who takes on a feral dog is to be admired.

  10. Hope Griff gets the pug some shelter