Monday, January 16, 2012


This is the opening from my new WIP, sequel to The Love List which is a sequel to The Marriage List. I guess that makes this the third entry in this series.

The Dating List
Carrie opened the front door of the Manhattan townhouse she shared with her fiancé, Grey Andrews, and called to him as he shoveled the sidewalk alongside his brother, Colin.
“Grey! Colin! Come! Warm up. Break time.”
She stood in the cold holding two mugs of hot chocolate. The men put down their shovels, clapped their hands together and walked over to take the mugs. They were almost finished with their task, most of the sidewalk was free of snow. After handing over both drinks, Carrie disappeared inside quickly to escape the cold. The men sat on the stoop they had shoveled earlier while they sipped the hot sweet beverages.
“You think there will be any hot women at the party?”
“Delia’s New Year’s party? Undoubtedly. You’re looking for hot girls, eh?” A smirk curled Grey’s lips into a knowing half-smile.
“Not girls, women.”
“Oh? And you know the difference?”
Colin nodded as he took another sip then blew his breath on the steaming liquid.
“Do tell, little brother.” Grey wrapped both hands around the warm mug and turned his head toward Colin.
“I’m almost 30, Grey.”
“So tell me, then. I’d like to know.”
“Forget it.”
“No, seriously.”
“Okay. Girls are well…not as serious as women. They’re still worrying about their weight or their makeup or something stupid like movie stars and shopping…”
“And women?” Grey interrupted, raising his eyebrows.
“Women know what they want. They’re focused…and better in bed.”
Grey raised his eyebrows again and stifled a smile.
“And how many women have you slept with?”
Colin dropped his gaze to his shoes. While Grey laughed.
“Name ‘em.”
“What? No.”
“Can’t eh? Don’t remember their names or her name?”
Grey continued to laugh.
“Okay, okay, it was one. That time in St. Thomas. I was drunk and I don’t remember her name but it was the greatest...”
“Best sex ever, huh? And you were drunk?”
Grey laughed so hard he spilled some of the cocoa.
“Thanks for your understanding,” Colin said with more ice in his tone than was on the sidewalk. He stood up.
Grey placed his hand on his brother’s arm.
“Sit down, sit down. Don’t get all bent out of shape.”
“You ought to know what I’m talking about. You were there.”
“I was?”
“Yeah, you screwed that redhead…and left me with her older sister.”
“Guess I took the wrong one, ‘cause I don’t remember.”
Colin laughed and shook his head.
“Now who was drunk?”
“Was I?” Grey rubbed his face, his gaze turned inward, trying to remember the woman.
“I didn’t think so at the time...but you get it…the woman thing, right?”
“I do. I do.”
Grey nodded slightly as he took another sip.
“Carrie’s a woman, not a girl.”  Colin stared at Grey and put his mug down on the step.
“All woman.”  A small smile played at Grey’s lips while he tried to tamp it down.
“And?” Colin raised his eyebrows at his brother.
“Don’t go there. Don’t even think about it. I’ll never…stuff about Carrie is private.”
“I can ask, can’t I?” Colin broke into a smile, his eyes glinting with mischief.
“Ask all you want, Punk. Ain’t happening. Where does Angela fall? Girl or woman?”
“Girl. Definitely girl.”
“Sex no good?”
Grey brought the mug up to his lips for a longer drink now that the chocolate was cooler.  “Hey! You’re not talking, so I’m not talking.”  “All right, have it your way. Thought maybe she left you horny and broken-hearted.”
Colin laughed a hearty belly laugh.
“Horny, maybe. Broken-hearted? No way.”
“Good,” Grey said, clapping his brother on the shoulder.
“I’m still looking for that woman.”
“There’s one with your name tattooed on her ass, eh?”
“And other places,” he snickered.
“Let’s finish this and get back inside,” Grey said, pushing to his feet, draining his mug and placing it on the top step.
“Got a hot date with Carrie? Gonna do her in the kitchen?” Colin grinned at his brother as he set his mug down.
“What did you say?” Grey asked, picking up a handful of snow from the hedges lining the front of the brick townhouse and hiding it behind his back.
“You heard me,” Colin said, turning to face his brother.
Grey whipped his snow-laden fist around and wiped Colin’s face with the snow. Colin sputtered the icy water, wiping his face with his hands. Anger lit up his eyes while Colin’s glowed with glee.
“Told you not to go there.”
Colin grabbed a handful of snow and soon a snowball fight was in full swing on the front sidewalk. The area they had painstakingly cleaned of snow became dusted again as the men fired snowballs at each other, laughing and ducking. Carrie came to the front door. She picked up the mugs.
“Hey, you’re getting snow all over the place where you shoveled already!”
Grey stopped at the sound of her voice. Colin rifled one more snowball in for a direct hit before he, too, halted in his tracks. Both men looked at the ground.
“Shit,” Grey muttered, picking up a shovel.
Colin followed suit. Within fifteen minutes the extra snow was cleared off and the two men, soaked to the skin around the neck, shivered and retreated to the warmth of the house.

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