Sunday, January 22, 2012


If you love sexy, romantic heroes, you're going to love Grey Andrews, hero of "The Love List". Just out this week, it's only $1.99 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Here's a taste:

Grey opened the door quietly and tiptoed into his room. He noticed his private present for Carrie was gone and wondered if she hid it intending to take a peek later. He chuckled to himself over her insatiable curiosity. Forget trying to hide anything from her, ever!
He toed off his shoes and hung his jeans over a chair. Slowly peeling down the covers he slid into bed next to Carrie. She moved slightly as the bed dipped under his weight. After she rolled over on her stomach, he inched closer to her and put his head down on the pillow.
But he wasn’t tired. Grey warmed his hand under his chin then placed it underneath her fleece sweatshirt, resting his fingers on her back. He loved the feel of her soft skin as he glided his hand up slightly then down to the edge of her panties.
A month ago we were apart. I was alone and now she’s going to be my own Christmas miracle.
His fingers toyed with the lace before ducking under the edge and cupping the firm flesh of her behind, giving it a gentle squeeze. Carrie turned her head toward him, stifled a yawn and cracked her eyes open.
“Hey, sleepy,” he said, pulling his hand out from under the covers to caress her hair.
“Hey, you.” Carrie blinked up at him, squinting.
She flipped over onto her side and faced him. He moved his hand down, stroking her shoulder on the way to her breast, where he rested it. His fingers closed around the soft mound commencing a light massage.
“Did you have something in mind?”
“No time, honey,” he replied, his gaze searching her face.
“Copping a feel?”
He nodded but did not remove his hand.
“Don’t get me started, if we have no time…”
A little bit about the book

Can the swinging bachelor change his ways and become a devoted, selfless and faithful man overnight? Grey's marriage list brought them together. But when Carrie starts her own list, can Grey incorporate her ideas about love into his life? Family issues, jealousy and an icy lake threaten to destroy the happiness Carrie and Grey have found together. An argument, a holiday trip to visit family and confronting an old fear test the lovers who have pledged their love and now must learn to make it stronger every day.

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