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Favorite LInes from "April's Kiss in the Moonlight" & an excerpt.

Here are some of my favorites lines and an excerpt from my sweet contemporary romance,  April's Kiss in the Moonlight. 

April felt a sizzle, like an electric current rise up her arms and shoulders from the touch of his hands.

He winced when he saw her doubled over from the pain. He
wanted to fold her in his arms, soothe her with kisses until each
bruise disappeared. A slight heat crept into his cheeks when he
remembered the engagement ring she wore. Never before had he
wanted another man’s woman; this was the first time.

The waitress came over to their table. “Do y’all know what
you want?”
The others ordered, then she got to Al.
“Give me the lonely man’s special...” he said.

“That’s why you married me, for my mind, right?” he teased.
“No more talking, Mister,” she said, pulling him into a
passionate kiss.

He stared at her lips for a moment, wondering what they
tasted like and how long he’d have to wait to find out before
turning his gaze to the dogs. “Don’t want to scare you. If I wanted
to...I could,” he said, shooting her a wicked grin.

Trying hard to resist her, he leaned down slightly, his lips barely touching her ear.
“... to make love to a woman,” he whispered.
“Would you like me to show you?”

April’s lips felt dry, her throat parched. She was mesmerized,
drawn by his masculine beauty and unable to move or stop staring.

Smart, beautiful women with their own minds didn’t grow on trees in Pine Grove.

 As April McKenna drove her small car around the bend and
approached a tiny town, a good looking, big man with short,
reddish brown hair stepped into the street and stuck out his thumb.
“Yeah, right, Mr. Serial Killer, like I’m going to give you a
ride,” she said aloud to herself, speeding up to pass him quickly but
unable to direct her gaze away from his.
She averted her eyes hastily, trying instead to concentrate on
sorting out her life. Driving the back roads from Willow Falls, NY to San Francisco gave April time to think. She had finished her MBA and was heading back for an internship in her father’s company, prelude to a staid, boring, corporate life. The thought of such a future left her restless...and restlessness was fast turning to
unhappiness. April didn’t want to go back...didn’t want to live her
father’s life. She wanted to break out, but didn’t know how, she
she’d always been the good girl, doing the right thing, what was
expected of her.
With her mind occupied, she was driving on automatic pilot
and saw the glass scattered in the road too late to avoid it. Her tire
lasted another half mile before it blew. She pulled onto a muddy
shoulder and got out of the car. She rummaged around in the car
trunk having no idea where the spare tire or the jack were or even
how to use them if she found them. She pulled out her cell phone
only to remember she’d forgotten to recharge it before leaving
school. Then she laughed when she realized there was no one to call anyway. You’re supposed to hang something white on the door handle when you need help. April returned to the car, took off her white lace panties, the only white object she had and hung them on the door handle, closed the door and waited.
Only a few houses dotted the lonely country road, but acre
after acre of green fields was bursting with ripe crops. Standing on
tiptoe, she could barely make out a farmhouse in the distance. The
tall corn stalks of late July blocked her car from view by anyone at
the house.
Half an hour passed and no car came by. Was she about to
spend the night there in her car? Then she saw him in the rear view
mirror. It was Mr. Serial Killer, coming around the bend, and
heading straight for her car. She felt panic rise in her chest as she
locked all the doors and hunkered down.
He walked up to the car and knocked on the window,
startling April, who jumped. When she turned to look at him, he
was smiling at her.
“Flat?” He asked.
She nodded.
“Pop the trunk,” he said.
Can’t you get inside the car through the trunk? He could attack
“Take it easy. I’m not a mass murderer. Want to help you
change your tire,” he called to her.
April popped the trunk. If she didn’t want to spend the night
alone in the dark, accepting his help was her only choice.
“Are these yours?” he asked, plucking her panties off the door
handle and holding them up to the car window. The white lace
bikinis looked ridiculously small in his large hand.

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