Sunday, March 9, 2014


Thanks for stopping by. Take a peek at my new series with the first book, RESCUE MY HEART. Here are six paragraphs and some fun pictures of pugs, who star in the book.
A little set-up. Bess is trying to charm a policeman out of giving the four new friends tickets for having their pugs off leash in the park after the appropriate time. 

Since this is dialogue, I'm assuming this is the same length as six paragraphs of narrative would be. I hope you find this snippet makes you want to read more. 


Rory watched Bess inch nearer to the officer. She studied the baker’s body language and facial expressions. I think I’m in the presence of a professional flirt. Maybe I can learn something. 
“Your apple pie made me drool.” He blushed.
“Apple pie? That’s so easy to make.”
“My ex couldn’t bake to save her life. You make it look easy.”
“What a shame! I’d love to bake a pie for you.”
“Really?” He returned the ticket book to his back pocket and gave Bess the once-over again.
“Sure would. I’m trying a new recipe for a chicken dish. I could easily tack on apple pie for dessert. Would you be my guinea pig?”
Rory saw the man swallow. Is he drooling over the food or over her? Maybe both. She covered her mouth with her hand to stifle a grin.
“Me?” His eyes widened.
“Uh huh, I’m making it tonight. I hope it’ll be good enough for the show. And if you join me, I’ll do pie.” 
Maybe she’ll be the dessert. Rory stood motionless, watching Bess wind the policeman around her little finger.
“A chance to eat your cooking? Are you kidding? I’d love to.”
His gaze swept over her ample curves, clothed in a T-shirt and jeans, stopping to rest briefly on her cleavage.
“Fine. It’s a date, then.”
A bit about the book

One smug veterinarian on a bike runs into one sharp-tongued dog walker, literally. Injury leads to insult. Adversion leads to attraction. Pug rescue brings them together. A funny, sarcastic, heart-warming ride. 
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  1. This is going to be another great series starting with this book.