Monday, March 10, 2014


Welcome! Another Tuesday Tales episode of my WIP. This week, it's written around the word "end". Return to the awesome TT authors at the bottom of this page.
            Steam was coming out of Jory’s ears as she strode down the sidewalk to Haven’s Heart Pub. After pushing through the door, she spotted Julie at the bar, beer in hand.
“Where the hell have you been?”
“Hey, Jory, come on, have one. Dexter’s paying, right Dex?”
“Anything for this pretty, little lady,” he said, practically drooling down Julie’s cleavage.
“You’re coming with me.” She grabbed her sister by the arm.
“What for?”
"That soldier you’re writing to is in rehab in Oak Bend.”
“He’s asking for you. Come on. You’re going to see him.”
“Am not. You’re writing to him, not me.”
“But he thinks I’m you. You were dumb enough to send him that picture.”
“Tell him I moved to New York or something.” She turned back to her lusty friend.
“No, you don’t. Not this time. This shit has to end somewhere.”
“What shit?”
“Me bailing you out.”
Julie faced her sister. “Bail yourself out. You’re in love with him.”
“Am not in love with him.”
“I see the way you are when his letters arrive. You sneak away to your room, spend hours behind closed doors. Do you memorize them?” She thrust out her hip, resting her hand there and narrowed her eyes.
“You ungrateful bitch. That’s the last time I bail you out.”
“Good. I’m sick of you expecting me to be grateful all the time. Who asked you?”
“You did. This is over. The end.”
Jory stormed out of the bar, but stopped abruptly. “Shit. What do I do now?” 
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  1. And that's where you end? Really? *sigh* ... love the very very real argument between the two women. Well done.

  2. Love how Jory laid into Julie, and it's to bad she's to thick headed.
    What great anger dialogue

  3. Great argument between the sisters. In life no one ever sees things the same from their side!! Julie acts the total spoiled brat...but I hope Jory is able to make things right...I can't wait to see what happens!

  4. I am glad Jory stood up for herself. I expected just as much from Julie. Yet, I expect to hear Julie's story too. :)

  5. Great scene and dialogue that could be happening between any two angry sisters. Now Jory has a dilemma though.