Saturday, February 22, 2014


Here's a peek at my newest release, RESCUE MY HEART. 
Smug, arrogant Dr. Hack Roberts ran down sarcastic writer, Rory Sampson in Central Park,breaking her arm. A judge has sentenced him to type her book. Here is their first meeting at her apartment.

“Just a minute. I’m coming.” The knuckles rapped again. She could hear his impatience through the door. Finally getting her cast through the armhole, she pulled down the ribbed top and yanked open the door.
“You couldn’t wait a damn…” She looked up. Dr. Hack Roberts filled the space, his husky, six foot two-inch frame, leaned against the door jamb. He wore the arrogant look she had seen on his face before. His eyes were a soft brown, his jaw square. He had just enough stubble to be attractive and his lips…well, they were perfect. So he’s good looking. He’s an asshole. Something about him made her tingle. She wanted to run her finger down his face.
     “You knew I was coming. Couldn’t you be ready on time? I hate women who are late,” he said, stepping across the threshold.
“It’s not easy to get dressed with this…this thing on my arm.”
“So start earlier.” He walked in and stopped, his gaze perusing the room. “Let’s get this started. I have other things to do than babysit you. Where do I sit?”
“You’re here until three, right?”
“So the judge said.” She didn’t know whether she wanted to smack the bored, annoyed look off his face or kiss him. Kiss him? Never! Rory pushed the thought out of her mind, but couldn’t tear her gaze off his mocking brown eyes, kissable lips or thick, brown hair.
“Here,” she pulled out a chair at her tiny desk, just big enough to hold her laptop. He turned to face her, his gaze rested on her breasts then lit on the chair.
“You expect someone my size to squeeze into this tiny space for five hours every day?”
RESCUE MY HEART combines a sassy love story with pug rescue. Hack and Rory, enemies fighting a mutual attraction find a common ground when they rescue a pug. The story draws on my 5 years of pug rescue experience as a volunteer. In the back of the book are listed websites for pug rescues around the U.S. 
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