Monday, July 9, 2012

Beach Photo Caption Contest!

Here's the deal. Leave a caption for one, two or all three of the three pictures here. I'll pick the best captions. Winners get their choice of any one of my three Now and Forever books. 

Don't forget to leave your name, email addy, caption and the number of the pic you're caption is for. Enter up to five times.

Captions can be funny, sexy (no X rated, please), silly or serious.Winners will be selected on Thursday night.




A bit about the books:
Now and Forever 1, a Love Story 

Can Callie Richards turn her life of tragedy and heartache around on the campus of Kensington State University? Braving the school on her own, Callie meets the handsome dean, Mac Caldwell. As she and Mac draw closer and she makes new friends, a deadly campus drug ring sets their sights on her with heart-breaking results.  An emotional story, this is not a cookie-cutter romance. You’ll laugh and cry as Callie struggles to make a new life, find love and find her satisfying, happy ending.
 Can an Army expert sharp shooter, killer and womanizer create a normal life after the military? Danny retreats to a small town to teach English at the local college. He struggles to overcome his post-traumatic stress syndrome and make a new life. Will his progress be derailed when until his drunken, abusive father is released from prison and seeks him out? Determined to leave his horrific past behind, Danny attempts to forge a new path that includes love, success, friends and having his own family but dark forces coupled with emotional obstacles block his way. The Book of Danny is a poignant story of love, loss and ultimate triumph that will touch your heart.
Can a handsome, charming, womanizing professor win the heart of a temporarily blind ballerina? Love comes to the university as Peter Caldwell, dashing Art History professor and accomplished pianist meets Lara Stewart, ballerina.  Peter can’t seduce with her with his devastating good looks because Lara can’t see. Obsessed with the one woman he can’t have, Peter has to learn how to love.
Sam Caldwell joins Peter, Mac, Callie and his grandchildren. Witty and attractive, Sam isn’t looking for a woman but finds love isn’t only for the young but the young at heart as well.
Small town secrets feed a blackmailer and blackmail on campus is paid with sexual favors. Blind Love is a roller coaster ride of twists and turns. This full length novel is three parts love and passion mixed with one part intrigue, stirred up with a twist of mystery and heated up to three flames. 
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  1. Pic number 1
    She's mine, I saw her first!.

  2. PIC number 2
    Yay!! I won.

  3. Pic number 3
    Just let me brush off that sand. Once it gets under the elastic it can really chafe.

  4. Pic #1:
    Will you hurry up and download us already? We're starting to CRAMP! Jeez...we've been in your camera now for a freaking month...

    PS: Couldn't resist that!

  5. Pic #1:
    "Hot stuff coming through!"

  6. Pic #2:
    "I'm king of the shore!"

  7. Pic #3:
    "You've got ass on the sand."

  8. Pic#1 "WTF? We got beaten by a girl."