Saturday, July 28, 2012

Meet My Favorite Western Authors!

What is it that keeps me from being able to put down a cowboy romance? Great writing? Heart-tugging, sexy stories? All of that.

Everything in Annie Douglas' life has taught her that men can't be trusted. Although Burke is big, strong, and not seemingly gentle, Annie feels drawn to the handsome Texas cowboy. Upon discovering Burke's advertisement for a wife, Annie shyly asks if he might consider her. 
           Burke Dawson wants children; unfortunately, that also includes a wife. His first wife was a citified hellcat who stole half of his ranch. Now Burke's determined to find an honest country girl with no expectations of love.
           Burke is fervently loving at night but indifferent during the day. Annie is heartbroken.Burke's ex-wife arrives with plans to break up the new couple at any price.  Misunderstandings, accidents, and treachery leads to Annie leaving, pregnant, shattered and alone.Upon her return, Burke is shocked to see Annie's burgeoning belly. He's desperate to win her love and trust. He's determined to show her some cowboy loving.   Haven't read this yet as it's a new release. But will buy it from B&N next week because I love her writing. 
 Marissa Richardson rodeo reporter has a secret. Her infatuation with Corey Middleton, calf-roper, is driving her to distraction. He’s a player and players don’t fit into her idea of the man for her. But when Corey turns on the cowboy charm, how can she resist? Corey Middleton loves women. Always has, always will, but he only wants one particular one these days. Unfortunately for his libido, she won’t give him the time of day beyond being friends. He’s decided to pull out all the stops and turn on the irresistible charm in hopes of snagging the elusive Marissa Richardson. Two hearts collide in the ride of their lives. Can one stubborn reporter put aside her insecurities to fall for the cowboy of her dreams?Could NOT put this one down!
 Katie Bliss loves her rodeo bulls and is eking out a living as a stock contractor. Cord McCoy is a bull rider whose pleasures include whiskey and buckle bunnies. Except this season, Cord is tired of carousing and finds himself attracted to the bespectacled and blunt bull owner. After riding Katie’s Gunslinger and almost hurting the animal Katie decides to show this cocky cowboy how to wrap a bull rope. An unplanned part of the demonstration includes McCoy’s tongue in her mouth and a roving hand down her pants. Even though she doesn’t want to be another notch in this cowboy’s belt Katie succumbs to Cord’s charms. Except something like that can never happen again, when Katie confronts Cord, he expresses an interest in pursuing a relationship. Katie’s not sure what to do with her new ‘boyfriend’ until McCoy rides her bull again and hurts the animal this time. Now Cord needs to prove his commitment to the young bull owner with more than just sweet sounding words and fancy fingers. Debut novel that knocked my socks off. My eyes were glued to the page.
Delaney Dunn likes working on cars—anything with an engine really, much to the chagrin of some who can't put aside her choice of jobs to realize there is a real woman beneath those coveralls. When ex-boyfriend Jake Monroe comes back to town, Delaney must face the feelings she buried five years ago.
Jake Monroe is back for two reasons, Colby Mason and Delaney Dunn. Needs he's long denied have risen up and are threatening to choke the life out of him if he doesn't come to terms with his feelings for both.
Colby Mason refuses to face the facts. He loves Delaney and he wants Jake. After being the shoulder for Delaney when Jake took off five years ago, their relationship grew into something loving and concrete, but Jake's return shakes the foundation to it's core.
Can three friends become lovers and learn to embrace their true feelings without tearing everything they've worked for apart? I'm reading this one now and was annoyed to put it down to do this blog! I have no idea how it's going to end. Love that!

Callie Daniels' mother has one dying wish. She wants neighboring rancher, Garrett O'Neill, to marry her seventeen year old daughter. It's not supposed to be a conventional marriage. Garrett O'Neill would keep Callie's ranch safe and Callie would go away to college.
Four years later, Callie comes home with stars in her eyes and happily ever after in her heart. She plans to make their marriage real until finds the new housekeeper, Sylvie in Garrett's arms.
Heartbroken, Callie takes off to her own house, which they closed up four years ago. She stays there with Old Henry, a longtime friend and ranch hand, until her new horse injures her. Garrett forces Callie to move back in to his house. I was totally captured by this story but needed a box of tissues close by. 

These sweet, loving, romantic, sexy stories are one of a kind. I can't wait to read more. Guess I'm just a cowgirl at heart. If you want them, simply click on the author's name. 

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  1. Love it- thank you so much Jean!!!

  2. they all sound so good. i just love a cowboy. just not enough hours to read them all. i'll keep them on my evergrowing tbr list

  3. Love westerns too and all will be in my TBR pile. Jean, thanks so much for adding me to your list. Finishing up the edits on my next one! Jeanine

  4. Thanks, ladies. I'm looking forward to reading your new one, Jeanine, when it comes out. And I've got Doctor Me Up and a slew of others by Sandy Sullivan to read, too. Whew! I'll be busy.

  5. Fabulous collection of novels and authors Jean... love me some cowboys and romance. Nothing like a sultry summer night, chaps and leather and a man with sweet romance to swoon me.