Monday, July 16, 2012

Tuesday Tales - Picture Prompt - The Magic of Love

  This week's story, "The Magic of Love" is a short piece written to this picture prompt, the magic 
“Don’t drop that!”
Kincade Ransom guarded his magic trunk jealously. Ever since he made it known he kept all his magician’s secrets in that trunk, people had tried to steal it. Kin was hounded for his secrets by would-be magicians everywhere he went. After his nightly shows but before he made his escape to the next town at least one sorry sack cornered him for the key to his levitation act. Some offered money, one even offered his sister. Kin had to laugh at that but turned them all down.

He guarded the chest with his life, because it was his life. There was no secret. On the star he came from, Elysia, everyone could levitate anything they wanted with their minds. Kincade Ransom was a name he conjured up at random from the phone book when he took human form.  Kin was sent here to hunt for a plant with the properties to cure the dread Marinosis, a fatal disease on Elysia.
 Kin traveled from small town to small town, experimenting on plants after every show. After three years he found the one…Queen Anne’s Lace. He’d hunt it in the fields, digging up plants here and there, trying not to be conspicuous, then levitating the delicate weeds right to Elysia at midnight.
In each town he drew a larger audience than the one before. He eluded his fans, often adoring women attracted by his good looks and air of mystery. In Willow Falls, he was struck by the quiet beauty of Holly Thomas. Her long honey hair framing light, almost transparent blue eyes drew him. Kin began to sweat. In his three years on Earth, he’d managed to avoid women, preferring to remain Elysian. For once he mates with a human, he then becomes one. One look at Holly made him question his decision.
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  1. Wow Jean, that was great! You weren't kidding, you definitely have another book here, and a paranormal! Excellent!

  2. I enjoyed the story. I can see another novel in the works.

  3. Holy smokes this is unbelievable and you even worked in Willow Falls. Another book is born

  4. You continue to be an inspiration to all of us Jean. Just as the others said, you have another wonderful idea for a novel.

  5. Wonderful setting of scene for another story. you're gonna be busy, Gal:-)

  6. What an interesting piece! Very intriguing. :)