Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Here is the second episode of my free read for Secret Cravings Publishing, New Beginnings, Love Knows No Boundaries.
  Sam Caldwell, fresh from the Army in 1968 goes to Jefferson College in Washington, D.C. He meets a beautiful girl, Ellen Wells, on his first day. But he's skunked by another guy who moves in on her before Sam can get the chance. This picks up where we left off:

The registration lines at the administration building were long leaving Sam tired and irritable when he got to his dorm. The big brick building consisted of small rooms set up to house one freshman each. Sam threw his duffle in the armoire and dumped his book and papers on the desk. He lay down on the bed. 
 Six-inch mattress. Beats the cot in ‘Nam.
A knock on the door woke him. He got up and found himself face-to-face with Bill Ryan.
“What the hell do you want” Sam glared at his rival.
“Navy. You’re a vet, too, right.”
“Army. What’s it to you?” Sam squared his shoulders.
Ryan cupped his hand to his mouth to shield his words.
“Have you noticed the pussies around here?”
Sam’s eyes perused the hall. He saw baby-faced eighteen-year-olds, some not even shaving yet.
“I bet all of these guys are virgins,” Bill whispered.
Sam opened his door wider to admit Bill, then returned to the bed.
“What’s your major, Ryan?”
“Chemistry. Planning on chem engineering Masters. You?”
“Bio. Not sure what advanced degree.”
“These pussies are going to be getting drunk, barfing all over the place trying to get laid…kindergarten. We may have to bust a few heads.”
 “I came here to get an education not wet nurse these ass wipes.”
“Me, too. Where’s the mess tent?”
“You mean the cafeteria?” Sam chuckled. “You’re so handy with the map, find it yourself.” A smug smile formed on Sam’s lips.
“Pissed I beat you out with the babe?” Bill leaned against the armoire.
“I saw her first.” Sam sat up.
“She gets to pick who she wants to screw.”
“Don’t think she’s an easy-lay type.”
“And you got that intel from fifteen seconds of chitchat?” Bill cocked an eyebrow.
“Yeah…no…well, something about her. She’s classy.”
“She’s a broad, like all broads, Caldwell.”
“You think she’s an easy lay? Put your money where your mouth is.”
“I’ll get her into bed…starting Friday.” Bill sank into the uncomfortable looking desk chair.
“Friday? You’ve got a date with her already?” Sam pushed to his feet.
“Hell, yeah. You thought I wanted to borrow her pen? An excuse, buddy.”
“Okay, hot shot. Five bucks says you can’t seduce her in five dates.”
“Five? Hah, piece of cake. You’re on.” A wicked grin spread across Bill Ryan’s handsome face.
 “I’m coming, too. Gotta keep you honest.”
“You gonna get in bed with us?”
“I’ll get a date. Then we’ll see.”
“Bet she can find someone for you. I’ll call her.”
“You got her number, too?” Sam stood in awe.

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