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Since there seems to be a glitch in the posting of my free read today, I'm posting it here for those who are following. Just today's and last week's' episodes as you can get the earlier ones on the Secret Cravings Website.

So here it is and thanks a million for following and reading the story!

Part Fourteen – 06/05/12

                        Don’t keep me in suspense, Sam.”
                        “I want to hear the final piece you’re going to play.”
                        “And so we’re going to…?”
                        “The practice rooms.”
                        Ellen’s face lit up with a huge smile. She squeezed his hand and quickened her pace to keep up with his long stride.
                        “I’d love to play for you.”
                        When they got to the music building, Ellen fished the key entrusted to her by Professor Smythe out of her handbag. She opened the door, turned on the hall light then led Sam up the stairs to the practice room on the second floor.
                        He opened the windows to let in the cool, moist evening air while Ellen dragged a chair nearer to the piano. She opened the file cabinet, thumbed through papers until she found her music. Sam sat in the metal chair, stretching his legs out in front of him and crossing them at the ankles. Ellen began the piece.
                        While she played, Sam sat back, listening. This is beautiful. She has a gift. The sweet music washed over him and his mind wandered. An image of him sitting in a comfortable chair reading a newspaper, listening to his wife play piano lodged in his mind. Wife? No, no, no. Not ready, not now. Still he couldn’t shake the image until she finished the piece.
                        “God, I messed up there in the middle, could you tell? Professor Smythe will know. Crap.”
                        “It was perfect.”
                        Ellen smiled.
                        “You’re my friend, of course you’d say that.”
                        Ellen switched off the light, stood up and stretched, raising her hands above her head. Sam walked over behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders. Using his thumbs, he massaged the tension out of her taut muscles. Ellen rotated her head and sighed softly.
                        “That better?”
                        “Much…don’t stop.” She closed her eyes as his strong fingers kneaded the flesh above her shoulder blades. She slumped a bit and leaned back against Sam. He leaned over and planted light kisses up and down her neck as he snaked his arm around her waist. 
                        Without words, Ellen turned slowly and fell into his arms. Sam’s mouth claimed hers in a demanding kiss. His tongue coaxed Ellen’s out to meet his while his fingers caressed the back of her neck. When he stepped back, his eyes connected with hers. He detected a flicker of passion behind her cautious look. She wound her arms around his neck and pressed herself up against his hard chest.
                        Sam bent his head and kissed her again. He took his time, his tongue swiping lightly over her bottom lip. Then his mouth pressed down hard on hers and his hands moved to her shoulders. He unbuttoned the top three buttons of her blouse and rested his cool hand against the warm skin of her chest. Blocked by her bra, he slipped the strap down allowing his lips to trail down from her neck to her chest. His hand eased her cotton dress out of the way.

Part Fifteen – 06/12/12
            A soft moan escaped Ellen’s mouth as Sam’s hand closed over her breast, gently kneading, arousing her. He hit the point where she stopped boys lucky enough to get this far. As soon as she detected the slightest arousal in herself, she’d call a halt. Not tonight.
            Drawn to Sam’s maturity, intelligence, wit and good looks, Ellen had grown hungry for his affection. She itched to get closer to him, lose herself in his embrace. Taunted all year by his bright blue eyes teasing her, caressing her with their gaze, Ellen had fought hard to stand fast. She denied her feelings, pushed them away. Yet she often found herself in his presence, seeking out his company. She blushed when she caught herself staring at his lips and wondering what delights they’d bring if she got closer. The touch of his hand on hers raised goosebumps.
            This evening, her resolve deserted her, her ability to resist evaporated. Sam’s hand on her breast excited her, filling her with hot anticipation. He unbuttoned her dress to her waist and quickly unfastened her white cotton bra. His fingers crept beneath the stiff material and closed around her eager flesh.
            His lips sought hers again as he continued his massage, pressing her nipple gently between two knuckles. She gasped as his gentle pressure shot a zing of desire straight from her peak to her core. An unknown feeling began inside her and traveled upward. Sam’s lips moved down her chest and stopped to savor her breast. His tongue flicked out to taste her skin and she moaned.
            He passed his thumb lightly over her hard nipple while his other hand traveled down to her bottom. He cupped it and pressed her against him. Ellen’s control was at the breaking point. She opened two buttons on his shirt to slip her hand inside. She rested her palm on his bare chest. Burying her face in his neck didn’t help as the fragrance of Canoe mixed with his masculine scent pleasantly teasing her nose. She wanted him like she had never wanted another man. Pressing her thighs together only made the ache worse.
            He stepped back from her slightly and kissed her breast taking her nipple into his mouth. His tongue laved it once then Sam raised his head and dropped his hand to hers, removing it from his chest. The seduction came to an abrupt halt. Ellen stood, trembling, as he wrapped his arms around her for a quick embrace. She sucked in air, breathing deeply, trying to compose herself.
            “I promised…promised to stop,” he murmured as his gaze fell on her exposed chest. “You are even more beautiful than in my dreams.”
            “No one has ever touched me like…like that before,” she whispered, then folded her arms across her chest.
            “You should be loved, passionately, every day of your life, Ellie.”
            Before Ellen could answer, the door opened and the overhead light blasted brilliance into every corner of the room.

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