Monday, May 22, 2017


Welcome! We're back to regular Tuesday Tales this week. My story, "Break My Heart" continues. Scroll down to return to the excellent writers of Tuesday Tales. Thanks for stopping by.


Rick thought about his life. He leaned on his knees and petted his companion as he wondered what his next steps would be. First things first, as his mother would say. He needed to turn that ramshackle farm house into a habitable place. Repairs, painting, furniture, he shuddered to think about the size of the job.
But then, again, did he have anything else to do with his time? Nope. Perhaps fixing up the house was a godsend, allowing him to avoid facing empty years ahead. Snapping the leash off the harness, he let Ollie loose. The pooch stayed by his side as the two ventured forth, deeper into the brush.
Rick snapped a few photos of graceful trees and beautiful nature designs, then checked his watch. It was one thirty. They had enough time to get home, eat lunch and be ready for the appointment with Jess.   
As they cleared the forest and hit the field, a car pulled up to the side of the road. It was Doctor Dani.
“How’s he doing?” She asked.
Rick picked up his dog and held him to the window.
She sniffed. “He’s had a bath. Much improved.”
“And he’s eating more. I think he’s getting over missing his family.”
She nodded. “That’s good.”
“What are you doing over here?”
“Back from the post office. I like to take different roads. Get to know Pine Grove a bit.”
“You’re not from here?” He asked.
“Nope. Rye in Westchester county.”
He nodded. “Nice place. Why’d you’ come here?”
“For the job. Cool barn. Is it yours?”
“Everything you can see from here, just about, is mine.”
“You might fix that barn up. Ever have a horse?”
He laughed. “No. Is that a staple of country life?”
“If you put up a fence, you could keep a horse.”
“Wouldn’t that be pretty expensive?” He asked.
“Not for a rich ex-model like you,” she shot back with a grin.
Stunned she knew his identity, he had no rejoinder.
“Got to be going. Nice chatting. Good job with the dog.” She put the car in gear.
“By the way,” he said, finding his tongue, “his name’s Oliver now.”
“Oliver?” she said, raising her eyebrows, directing her glance at the pug. “Suits him. Good choice.”
On cue, Ollie barked, almost slipping from Rick’s grasp. Dani hit the gas pedal and the car lurched forward, speeding down the lonesome road, kicking up dust in its wake. Rick smiled. 




  1. Being an animal lover, I loved this snippet between Rick and the Doctor. I'm looking forward to see what he does with his fixer upper farm.

  2. I love this snippet. I suspect those two are going to be a great couple.

  3. I enjoy each segment of this trio! I'm glad he has Ollie.

  4. I love that she just happened to stop by. Can't wait for more from these two!

  5. I'm enjoying seeing the growing connection between these two. And the pug is a perfect compliment to the story.