Monday, May 15, 2017


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Upon entering the kitchen, he opened the fridge. Time for lunch.
After he fixed food, he rummaged around the boxes and tins until he found the doggie shampoo in a brown paper bag filled with cleaning supplies. How appropriate!
After searching all sides of the house, he came upon a decrepit hose, mended in two places with duct tape. It had been coiled and dumped under the porch.
He pulled it out, gently, wiping the cobwebs and dust from his hands on his pants. He screwed it on a rusty spigot in the back and worked the handle hard until it moved.  Brown water spurted out in fits and starts.
“The water’s rusty, we’ll wait,” he said. The dog stretched out next to his master. Rick directed the flow away from the pug, not wishing to scare him. He let the dirty water run. There was no nozzle. He grinned, remembering from his youth, how to make water rocket out of a nozzle-less hose.
Gorgeous from the moment he was born, Rick Winslow had had a fairly normal childhood in Pine Grove until he was ten, when his modeling career began. Chief mischief maker on his block, little Rick Winslow always had a frog in his pocket and a scheme up his sleeve.
He picked up the hose and squirted the dog. The critter jumped, then tried to bite the stream. Rick aimed again and the spunky little guy took off, racing around in circles at full speed. Rick circled and circled, trying to wet the dog, but failing. Too dizzy to stand, he fell, laughing, onto the wet grass. Oliver approached cautiously, then licked Rick’s face. He grabbed the dog, hugging him to his chest and planting a kiss on his head.
“Dani’s right. You stink, buddy. Let’s get you clean.”


  1. This is a great scene and tells us a LOT about Rick. Can't wait to read more!

  2. Great scene between Rick and his pug. Good use of the picture prompt.

  3. What a sweet scene. And I can just picture that little boy he used to be with the frog in his pocket.

  4. I love the memories and his interaction with his pup. Definitely a heart of gold.