Monday, May 8, 2017


Welcome! This week the word prompt is "mother", so appropriate! I am continuing with "Break My Heart" this week. Scroll down to return to Tuesday Tales. Thank you for stopping by! 


Dani Henderson waited until Rick cleared the waiting room before she sauntered out. She leaned against the front desk. The receptionist turned to her.
“What planet is that man from?”
“Who?” Dani asked.
“Why?” Dani shifted her weight.
“He asked me where the nearest groomer was.” Nancy burst into laughter.
“Yes. He must be from Mars. Can you imagine? A groomer in Pine Grove?”
“Nancy, you didn’t think he was repulsive, did you?”
“Winslow? Nope. Kinda cute, if you ask me. The scars make him look interesting.”
“You didn’t recognize him?”
“Should I?”
“He’s Breaker Winslow, the model?”
“The model?”
Dani nodded.
“Well shear my sheep! Never would have guessed.”
“Is that because of his face?”
“Nope. I have no idea who that is. Never seen Breaker Winslow before. Gotta like his name, though,” Nancy replied.
“He’s on a million book covers. Ads in magazines? You’ve never seen him?”
“Oh, wait. Maybe, that one time we went to Florida to see Frank’s folks. I looked at a couple of books in the airport. There was one very handsome guy on a western book. Coulda been him.”
“He’s hot.”
Nancy nodded.
“The accident didn’t destroy his looks,” Dani said.
“Bet he’s not getting many calls from book publishers, though.”
“Probably not. I like the way he looks. Kind of gives him character, you know? He’s not just another pretty face.”
“That he isn’t. I agree. He’s still pretty good lookin’. Especially around these parts. Not much to look at here, in the way of men.”
“There are a few.”
“Either married or too young.”
“Nancy! What would Frank say?”
“He’d just laugh,”
“He’d better be careful.”
“Franks’ not worried. He knows I’m the loyal type.”
“I know,” Dani said, patting her friend’s arm. “And I truly appreciate that.”
“I bet you do. Everyone quitting because they didn’t want to work for a woman. Sure left you short-handed.”
“Sure did. Who’s next?”
“We got a cat to be spayed due in about ten minutes.”
“Good. Time for a cup of tea.” Dani headed to the back where the food and beverage supplies were kept.
“Say, you’re not sweet on that guy, are you, Doctor Dani?”
“Me? On Breaker Winslow? Nope. He’s a pretty angry guy.”
“Got good reason, I’d say,” Nancy said, as she picked up her pen and wrote notes on Scruffy’s chart.
“Agreed.” Dani put a mug of water and a tea bag in the microwave.
He sure does have reason to be mad. But his face? It’s not that bad. And if he turned on a little charm, well he’d be downright dangerous.
She returned to the front desk, sipping her brew.
“Course, he might do until someone better comes along,” Nancy said, carrying on the conversation as if Dani hadn’t left the room.
“Doubt I have time for any man. There’s plenty here to keep me busy.”
“Nights here can be long and lonely.”
“Great for sleeping. I’m gonna need rest to get up at daybreak to take care of livestock, before the dogs and cats arrive.”
“Keep tellin’ yourself that. Go ahead. But you ain’t foolin’ me. That man’s looking for something and it seems to me he’s found it right here,” Nancy said in a motherly tone.  
“You’re mistaken, Nancy. We rescue dogs and cats here, not men.” Dani held her cup with both hands.
“I’d say it depends on the man. Some of them need rescuing, too.”
“Maybe, but that’s not my problem.”




  1. great relationship and conversation. I, too, love a man with character. AND This line.... Well shear my sheep! ....hahahaha, Love it!