Monday, February 10, 2014


Welcome! This is our Valentine's Day Tuesday Tales post. I've got a snippet from a WIP called:
Scent of Love

“Bryce, Bryce…isn’t that the most beautiful name? He must be sooo handsome.”  Chrissy danced around the kitchen, waving a dish towel.
“Get to dryin’, missy,” Jory said, dipping her hands back into sudsy water.
“You’re just jealous because they ran out of names before they got to you.”
“You were the first one in line.”
“I know,” she beamed. “I love being first.”
Jory laughed as she handed another clean dish to her kid sister.
“First thing tomorrow I’m going to buy some pretty stationary. Maybe something perfumed.”
 “Buy it by the piece.”
“Is that a shot?” Chrissy scowled at her sister. Their aunt, Nancy Gorman, joined them.
“You’re not exactly known for your follow-through, Chrissy.” Nancy glanced at Jory.
“This isn’t tennis. When he falls madly in love with me, we’ll be writing reams and reams to each other. Maybe mother kept some, I’m going to look in the attic.” With that she disappeared, leaving the K.P. duties to the others. Nancy cocked an eyebrow at Jory.
“Are you going to pick up after her this time, too?”
“What do you mean?”
“When she grows tired of writing to this young Marine.  Are you going to step in, like you always do since your folks passed?”
“I don’t have the heart to let the poor guy wait for letters that won’t be coming. I’ll let him down easy.”
“How long do you think before Chrissy moves on?”
“You a betting woman?”
“Five bucks says she doesn’t make it two weeks.”
“You’re on.” Jory pulled the plug and the dirty water ran down the drain.


  1. That's even a bet I'd take. Chrissy seems so shallow and self-absorbed.

  2. I'm missing something. How does Lindsay know Chrissy seems shallow ....

  3. Interesting. Why do I feel that things will be different this time around?

  4. Love the power that comes over about all three women in this scene, and the underlying emotions.

  5. Beautiful! I feel like I'm right there and the action is happening all around me.

  6. I like the homey activity while they talk.

  7. Love the pacing of the dialogue