Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Let’s talk about ways to start your workday on a happy note. Those of us who live in cities and begin the trek to work by walking or taking public transportation, keep your eyes open for attractive men. Flirt a little on your way to work. Even early in the morning, men react to a sweet, or not-so-sweet smile from an attractive woman. They like to be appreciated and will smile back or say “good morning” in a most appealing way. There are attractive men everywhere in the city, for example:
  1)     Handsome guys dressed up in suits and ties, looking powerful and smart. An appreciative look at them will often get one back to you in return.

  2)     Construction workers, handling big machines, or showing their strong arms in rolled up sleeves are waiting for you to notice them. Wave, smile 
    at them, they will definitely respond.

   3) Runners. Ooooh, men in shorts and tank tops running toward you, sweating! Give the guy an appreciative look and a smile and you’ll get one back.

    4)     Guy walking his dog. Unshaven, 
    wearing sweats and a tee shirt walking behind a beautiful dog.  Stop and pet his dog. Great conversation starter. Exchange smiles and “good mornings” and you’re on your way.

  5) What about the cute barista at Starbucks? Flirt with him, make his day, talk about something besides a latte, give him “eyes”.

   6) The guys hauling garbage in my neighborhood are hunks. Big strong men. I always thank them for keeping our neighborhood clean. 
    I get a nice smile and “you’re welcome” back. 
    7) Don’t forget those handsome policemen. I thank them for keeping us safe and get a shy smile and nod in return.

    8) And the firemen will stop and talk to you at the drop of a hat. Cleaning the fire truck comes second to talking and flirting with an attractive woman.

     9) Stand next to the most attractive guy you find on the train.  Even just one stop together gives you time to exchange smiles.

By the time you make it to work, you can have flirted with at least half a dozen men, putting some zing into your step and starting your day feeling very attractive and alive, starts your day on a positive note.

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