Friday, May 18, 2012

Sweet Saturday Sample of Now and Forever 3, Blind Love

Here's a snippet of my new release, Now and Forever 3, Blind Love. Callie, Mac's wife is helping Mac's brother, Peter, unpack. Peter has arrived in Willow Falls to teach for a year at Kensington State University where Mac is a dean of students. Peter is extremely handsome and known as a womanizer.

Mac walked around to the driver’s side of the car and patted his pockets, no keys. He
remembered last seeing them on the front hall table. He tip-toed quietly into the foyer so Callie
wouldn’t know he’d forgotten them. He stopped when he heard the soft purr of Peter’s voice.
Mac inched his way to the arch leading to the living room and peered into the room, moving
back to remain unseen.
“You’ve been married awhile, Callie. Isn’t it time you took a lover?” Peter asked, sidling up
to her.
Mac held his breath but couldn’t stop watching.
“Oh, but I have a lover, Peter,” she said, holding his gaze.
Mac froze. His stomach knotted.
“You do?” The surprise caused his voice to rise an octave.
“He absolutely sizzles.” Beads of sweat formed on Mac’s forehead.
“Does Mac know?” Peter raised his eyebrows.
“I don’t think so.” She turned away from Peter and Mac could no longer see her face.
“I don’t suppose you’d tell me who it is,” he asked, leaning toward her.
Callie whirled around to face him, a broad grin on her face.
“It’s Mac. He’s hot, Peter. So hot…I couldn’t possibly, wouldn’t ever need anyone else. Your
brother is an absolute pistol in the bedroom.”
Mac’s cheeks puffed up. He quietly emitted a silent sigh of relief and smiled.
Peter laughed loudly.
“You passed the Peter Caldwell Loyalty Test with flying colors.” Peter walked over to an
open box needing unpacking.
“You know what I could use?” Callie put her hand on his arm.
“What?” He reached into a box then stopped.
“A brother. I don’t have one of those,” she said, blinking back tears.
Peter hugged her.
“You’ve got one now,” he whispered.
Peter's house in Willow Falls
 A bit about the book:

Can a handsome, charming, womanizing professor win the heart of a temporarily blind ballerina? Love comes to the university as Peter Caldwell, dashing Art History professor and accomplished pianist meets Lara Stewart, ballerina.  Peter can’t seduce with her with his devastating good looks because Lara can’t see. Obsessed with the one woman he can’t have, Peter has to learn how to love.

Sam Caldwell joins Peter, Mac, Callie and his grandchildren. Witty and attractive, Sam isn’t looking for a woman but finds love isn’t only for the young but the young at heart as well. 

Small town secrets feed a blackmailer and blackmail on campus is paid with sexual favors. Blind Love is a roller coaster ride of twists and turns. This full length novel is three parts love and passion mixed with one part intrigue, stirred up with a twist of mystery and heated up to three flames. 
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Mac & Callie's new house


  1. This sounds like an amazing book and one I'd love to read! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great sample! I love Callie and Mac already!

  3. Poor Mac. No wonder he was sweating. Still, it all worked out.

  4. I've always thought that Callie knew Mac was listening in and she was teasing him in this scene

  5. Sneaky test!
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