Saturday, March 31, 2012


Spring is trying to take over Central Park. Here are a few photos and a few lines from some of my books to remind us of this season of rebirth.

The community was totally dark as it was closed down for
the winter. There was an eerie feeling in the air to be there alone.
The streetlights on the road competed with the moon lighting the paths. Tall pine trees swayed in the gentle breeze, casting long
shadows over the fields and walkways. The scent of pine was as strong as ever, even though winter was almost here. The dark cabins appeared to be sleeping, hibernating for the winter until spring came and their families returned, bringing life back to their halls.
    Snippet from Sunny Days, Moonlit Nights, a sweet contemporary romance in ebook and paperback.

 ****************** Callie was indescribably beautiful in her white satin gown, white veil, white flowers in her
hair and her bouquet of pink and white roses. Then she saw Mac, looking handsome wearing the black tux he didn‘t want to wear. She stared at him, feeling excitement welling up inside her at the idea she was about to wed this gorgeous man so totally in love with her.

Snippet from Now and Forever 1, a Love Story, a sensual romance available in ebook and paperback.
Wild flowers started to bloom and there were spots of color—lavender, pink, and yellow—scattered around the edges of the creek and in the field they crossed. The trees were still sporting the soft light spring green in their leaves. April marveled at the
natural beauty of Gavin’s special place. "Do you come here often?"

Snippet from April's Kiss in the Moonlight in ebook & paperback.
By Daniel Maine
I marvel at your sweet scent and your glorious pinks and blues,
Your slender stem, winding sensuously in green hues,
From your hidden flower flows love’s sweetest nectar
Your willowy fronds coax me into your garden’s star,
Flowers bursting with bounteous beauty, in a rainbow array 

Of delicate bosomy blossoms, to be picked another day.
Poem written by the hero, Danny Maine, to Eliza, his lady love in Now and Forever 2, the Book of Danny.

 The ride to Yankee stadium was quick with little traffic on a Saturday. Carrie sat back and watched the boats on the Hudson River as the car sped up the West Side Highway toward the Bronx. The gleam of sun off the water reflected on the trees and flowers in Riverside Park. A feeling of happiness washed over her as she sank back into the comfortable seat. Snippet from The Marriage List available in ebook.

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