Monday, March 5, 2012


I'd like to take my hat off to my ladies, the heroines of my books with a snippet that shows off each lady for the wonderful character she is and a giveaway! Tell me your favorite heroine in a comment with your email address and on Sunday evening, I'll randomly select 3 commenters to get their choice of  a book for free!

Now and Forever 1, a Love Story - Callie Richards
She couldn't control her feelings for Mac, it was like she was on a roller coaster ride, being taken through a pre-determined path and having no ability to stop or change course. Then she thought about the softness of his kiss, the gentleness of his touch and the comfort of his embrace and she knew she wanted to go the distance, take the full ride with him, wherever it ended up. 
 Now and Forever 2, the Book of Danny - Eliza Baines
Eliza closed her office door and sank into her chair, waiting for her breathing to return to normal and the heightened color to drain from her face. Danny Maine affected her like a
hurricane, blowing into her life with gale force winds, sweeping her off her feet and stirring up long dormant feelings, sensations. 


Sunny Days/Moonlit Nights - Sunny Davis
She had been called a natural beauty, so a little blush, lipstick and mascara was all she needed. She thought she looked pretty good for someone whose life had fallen apart. She heard a soft rap on the door. He was right on time.
 April's Kiss in the Moonlight - April McKenna
She was the prettiest and the feistiest woman he'd ever met, not falling all over herself to curry favor with him. He liked her independence, the challenge she was to him. He was determined to win her, no matter what. Smart, beautiful women with their own minds didn't grow on trees in Pine Grove.
The Marriage List - Carrie Tucker
Carrie didn’t find it as relaxing as she expected. She couldn’t seem to get comfortable in her seat, perhaps because Grey was occasionally stroking her palm with his thumb, which kept her in a constant state of subtle arousal. She shifted again and heard the person behind her make a cluck of disapproval.

 Champagne for Christmas - Nina Wells
Clint’s face turned bright red. Then Nina figured out what he was looking at and she felt heat suffuse her cheeks, too. It had been a long time since a man stared at her breasts, she didn’t expect it. She was out of practice. How long has it been since a man made a pass at me? She smiled to herself. Can’t remember. 

Thank you, ladies for bringing your snippets today. Happy Women's Month. I take my hat of to each and every one of your strong, beautiful ladies who take control of your lives.  Don't forget to leave your favorite heroine in a comment with your email address for the GIVEAWAY of 3 books!
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  1. I've got all your books and love all the heroines

  2. I love all your books, but I have to choose Carrie. Anyone who can catch Grey's eye is truly special .

  3. It's hard to choose which heroine but I'll go with Callie. I loved Now and Forever, a Love Story.