Monday, February 6, 2012


  Thank you so much for stopping by.  Here is a snippet of my WIP, The Renovated Heart. It's a strong love story about two women and how they repair their hearts and find love. This piece introduces Sarah, Callie Caldwell's sister (from the Now and Forever series). Please leave a comment and share your impression.

     Jim Caterson, head of the English department at Kensington State, saw Sarah Morgan, his next door neighbor, through his bedroom window. She looked a lot like her beautiful sister, Callie Caldwell, but instead of chestnut hair, Sarah had very dark brown hair, almost black. Her eyes were the same large, turquoise eyes Callie had. Jim, a widower, noticed her generous curves when Callie introduced them. At the time, he was struck by Sarah’s beauty and her sadness.
Jim had recovered from the death of his beloved wife, Nancy, only to be devastated by the desertion of a fiancée who left him for a Russian ballet dancer. After the turmoil was over, he settled into a quiet life, running the English department, reading, writing and socializing with friends. He spent many a happy afternoon at the Caldwell house with Callie, Mac and their kids.

Through the window, Jim saw Sarah reach for a tissue. She looked up and, smiled at him. He pushed the window open and called to her.
“Writer’s block?”
“Big time.” She walked over her open window and leaned her elbows on the sill.
“Can I help?” His gaze settled on her bow-shaped lips and a new hunger crept through his body.
Although Jim had sworn off women for a while, he became increasingly lonely. The companionship of an attractive woman both in and out of his bed was a growing preoccupation. When he tried dating again, love eluded him. He was sexually attracted to several women but the relationships never evolved into anything deeper.
“I don’t think so.” She rested her chin in her hands.
“Want to go for a walk? That always helps me.”
The warm, caressing August breeze coming in the big window enticed her.
She nodded.
Jim met Sarah on the front lawn.
“What are you writing?” he asked as he steered her to a road leading to the woods.
“A novel. I have the first fifty-six pages but can’t seem to get started again.”
“What’s in the way?” He glanced at her and noticed how lonely her hand looked dangling by her side.
“Everything. My kids, my finances, the fact that I’ll have to get a job in six months, Bob’s death…”
“I lost my wife several years ago. The adjustment takes time.” He positioned himself closer to her.
“Do you have children?” Sarah asked.
“I don’t.” He took a chance and moved his hand over to capture hers. She didn’t move away.
Jim was taken with her looks but cautious, protecting his heart. Sarah’s beauty, unequaled by any of the women he had met before, drew him like a moth to a flame.
“Mine are having a hard time adjusting.” The joining of their hands caused Sarah to move closer to Jim.
“Writing is a good escape. You create your own world and can go there any time .”
“Never thought of it like that.”
“A walk by the woods always helps me. See any deer?”
Jim noticed how the sun played off Sarah’s hair, bringing out sparks of red among the almost black strands. He watched the graceful way she moved, seeming to glide rather than walk over the smooth road, her hips swaying provocatively. Her small hands were the hands of a woman who works, strong, capable hands, but delicate at the same time, kind of like Sarah.
Her breasts bounced a little, drawing his attention. Her sundress revealed enough cleavage before the blue bodice tapered down to her slender waist for him to see they were the perfect size, not too small and not too big. She folded her arms across her chest, making Jim color a little at her awareness of where his gaze had traveled. 


  1. What class and eloquence in this scene. Perfectly written

  2. This is wonderful. I'm really curious at where this is going with Jim and Sarah.

  3. can't wait for this one to be published!!!

  4. I love this scene. So how soon will the book be out?

  5. I liked these characters at once. They're very real, and they quickly swept me away to their world. I look forward to reading more of their story.

  6. You got my attention Jean. Well written. I'm looking forward to finding out more about Jim and Sarah.

  7. This is very well written, Jean. The characters sound real, and I love that Sarah is a writer. Give us more of these two.

  8. Jean I love the 'feel' of this scene, and the way we see Sarah from Jim's pov. I want to know more.

  9. "Writing is a good escape. You create your own world and can go there any time."

    This is so true.


  10. A very sweet story, Jean, thanks for sharing it with us.

    Happy Valentine's Day

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