Monday, July 3, 2017


Welcome! This week's prompt is, aptly, firecracker. "Break My Heart" is back. I hope you enjoy this unedited excerpt. Thanks for stopping by. Scroll down for the link back to Tuesday Tales.


A firecracker display over the lake kicked off the festivities the night before Pine Grove's Carnival Day. Rick parked his car, then met up with his cousin, Mindy and her husband, Drew. Relieved to be out and about in the dark, Rick put an arm around his cousin's shoulders. He hadn't been this relaxes around so many people in an age. 
"You're feeling good?" Mindy asked. 
"Yep. I love fireworks."
"It's more than that."
"I can hide in the dark."
"Ready for tomorrow?" Drew asked. 
"You know what' I'm talking about. The kissing booth," Drew chuckled.
"You're just jealous they didn't ask you."
"Yeah. Right. Married men are off limits. I did do it when I was singe. A couple of times."
Mindy's eyes widened. "You never told me that."
"Subject never came up," Drew responded. 
"I hear they've already sold a ton of tickets," Mindy said.
"You sure know how to spoil a good time,"
Mindy hugged Rick. "You'll be a star. You always are."
He shrugged, wondering if Dani really bought tickets. Then he shuddered at the thought of having to kiss unattractive women he didn't even know.
"Stupid. I'll never trust you again," Rick said to his cousin.
"Just what the doctor ordered."
"Who? Dr. Dani?"
Mindy's eyes twinkled. "Yep. Among others."
Rick cast his gaze to his feet. She was the only reason he didn't bolt altogether. He relished the idea of kissing her, several times. A grin lit his face. 
"What's so funny?"
"He's just figured out you did him the biggest favor of his life, Mindy."


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  1. I had a feeling that kissing booth would turn out to his benefit! I love the story progression.

  2. I love that he's looking forward to kissing Dani! I can't wait to see what happens at the Kissing Booth!

  3. I love seeing him excited about kissing the doctor. A great story here - as usual.