Tuesday, July 18, 2017


It's picture prompt week! And we return to Breaker Winslow's story. Only 300 words this week.Thanks for coming. Don't forget to scroll down to return to Tuesday Tales.

The day Rick dreaded arrived all too soon. The carnival! The kissing booth had preyed on his mind. Some of the women would be attractive and kissing them would be a breeze. But what about the ones who weren’t? God forbid he made someone feel bad. In the old days, he wouldn’t give a damn, but now he had been tuned in to feelings in a new way. Couldn’t he pretend the woman he had to kiss was Miss America? But the truth about his acting skills was that he simply wasn’t that good.
What if  an ugly woman had bought twenty-five tickets? He’d pass out, that’s all. Holler, “Call 911” and keel over in a dead faint. That was his escape plan, and it gave him some peace. At least the booth was only open in the afternoon. He awoke to a lovely day and frowned to see his prayers for a sudden tornado or hurricane had not been answered. Only torrential rain could save him from a fate worse than death –kissing strange women. And what if they didn’t know about his accident and were horrified and repulsed when they saw him in the flesh? He shuddered. He’d quit. He’d just walk away.  
He retrieved the newspaper from his front porch. Rifling through to get to the weather report, his dismay grew when he read, “sunny, high of eighty-five, zero chance of rain.” He thought about the road leading out of town, the one that snaked along the river. He and Ollie could be packed up in an hour. Nope, no running away. He had to do it. He had sworn a dozen times he’d get Mindy for signing him up for this.
Breaker Winslow rises from the dead. Who’d a thought he’d play the heartthrob again?


  1. I can feel his dread about the kissing booth and I love that he checks outside and the weather report praying for rain. Great job!

  2. Love that he wants to escape!

    This made me laugh out loud: "What if an ugly woman had bought twenty-five tickets? He’d pass out, that’s all. Holler, “Call 911” and keel over in a dead faint."

  3. This is a fantastic job of making us feel that looming sensation of dread hanging over him. Love the humor, too!

  4. I can feel his growing apprehension and his strong urge to run away. Great snippet!

  5. What a great snippet filled with humor and apprehension. Well done!