Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My Interview with Captain Danny Maine from NOW AND FOREVER 2, THE BOOK OF DANNY

Interview with Captain Danny Maine

            It’s not often a writer gets to interview her characters, so I appreciate your stopping by, Captain Maine.
Danny:            Please call me Danny.
Me:                 Okay. So tell me, what is your favorite flavor of ice cream.
Danny:            Blonde, brunette or redhead, I love them all…oh *blushes* ice cream. I guess I’d have to say any flavor with hot fudge sauce applied liberally…anywhere. And it  doesn’t have to be eaten from a cone or with a spoon.
Me:                 Ahem *clears throat* I see, gotcha. How about a favorite book?
Danny:            Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane or For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway
Me:                 Favorite movie?
Danny:            Saving Private Ryan, that’s a gimme, right?
Me:                 Should have guessed…the military connection.
Danny:            Debbie Does Dallas was on the top of my list, too.
Me:                 TMI, Danny. Favorite actresses, while we’re on the subject of women.
Danny:            Any that take their clothes off. Distracts me from any possible bad acting.
Me:                 *Blushes* Okay….how about favorite vacation spot?
Danny:            Anyplace in the Caribbean where you can have a deserted beach…swim nude and have a little “personal” fun with your traveling companion.
Me:                 You have a one-track mind, I see.
Danny:            Actually, I do. I’m waiting for my girlfriend, Eliza, and we’re…there she is. Gotta run. Thanks for the interview.
Me:                 That was Captain Daniel Maine. Now here’s a short excerpt from his book, Now and Forever 2, the Book of Danny.
“I’ll stop whenever you want to,” he whispered in her ear, but Eliza knew she couldn’t stop...didn’t want to.
She said nothing, moving her arms around his neck, inching closer to him and losing herself in the passion spreading throughout her body. He moved his free hand to her inner thigh, rubbing his thumb lightly over her smooth skin, creating a strong desire…heat she hadn’t felt in years.
Her breathing became ragged.
“Let’s go,” she said, pulling away from him and opening the car door.
Inside, she took his hand and led him into her bedroom. Danny took her in his arms and kissed her as Eliza moaned and pulled up his T-shirt, running her hands up his chest. He ripped
the shirt over his head and tossed it on the floor, then stepped back.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked her, his eyes glowing with excitement.
She nodded, breathless, her body trembling.
“I want you so much,” he said, reaching for her.
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