Tuesday, August 27, 2013


In honor of my new release, I have asked my heroine and her dubious friend to give me five fast facts about them. Here they are:
1) I started ballet when I was five.
2) My favorite color is light turquoise, it goes best with my auburn hair.
3) I love classical music most, then Broadway show tunes. 
4) I adore the beach, but a cozy mountain cabin with the right man turns me on.
5) Favorite candy? Cinnamon Mike & Ike, and don't tell anyone!

1) I like to dress up in a tuxedo for premieres. I'm probably the only guy there who's actually comfortable!
2) My favorite drink is a dry martini.
3) I like blondes, brunettes and redheads, the hotter the better. Sorry, guess that's no secret! 
4) I love steak.
5) My guilty pleasure? Can't say here as this is PG-13 rated, but how about sharing a bathtub with a beautiful woman, a bottle of rare wine and perfect strawberries covered in chocolate?
A Bit About the Book

Questioning her decision to leave each of three men five years ago, Dorrie returns for one more day with them. Was she hasty in her decisions?  Will her return to the past bring the love she seeks or will loneliness propel her back into the arms of the one man who broke her heart?
A Steamy Tidbit

“Oh, God, Rick,” she muttered into his mouth. He backed her slowly toward the bed. When the edge hit the backs of her knees, they bent, throwing her on her butt. He lost his balance and tumbled on top of her. They laughed as he quickly rolled off her, grabbing her and pulling her on top of him. Pushing up on her hands, she stared down at him.
“I’ve missed you,” he whispered.

Have I missed him? Oh yeah. Dorrie shut off her mind and focused on her body. Their positions gave his hands freedom. He pulled up her skirt and slipped his fingers under the elastic of her bikinis. They closed over the bare flesh of her rear end, holding her firmly against him.

She arched her back and pushed all the way up on her arms. His gaze dropped to the lacing of her bodice. Raising his head, his teeth were able to tug on the cord holding it together. He yanked a few times until the bow came undone.

Pressure from her breasts spread the soft material, allowing them to spring free from the fabric. He bent to kiss them then flipped her over and went to work on her dress. He spread the lacing and opened the bodice. When her tempting breasts were completely bared for his view, he let out a breath.

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