Friday, July 26, 2013


Welcome! Here's a sweet tidbit from my newest release in the Hollywood Hearts series, MOVIE LOVERS. It's 3 a.m. on Christmas. Jake, blanket wrapped around his waist, and Grace in her robe are watching the snow fall in the living room of her sister's apartment.
“You miss your mom, don’t you?” 
She tore her gaze from his body and rested it on his face as she gave a brief nod in answer to his question. “She tried so hard to make it up to us for being a one-parent family. She was like having two parents. Holidays were special times. We all stopped working to play together.”
"You worked as a kid?” 
“Yep. Mama’s helper at thirteen. Babysitting when I was fourteen.”
“Me, too. First delivering papers at eleven, then in my dad’s auto shop.” 
“You know car repair?” 
“Like the back of my hand. When I graduated high school, my dad wanted me to join him.” 
“Is he disappointed you didn’t?” 
“Not anymore. Since I’ve made a couple of movies. But he was at first. We didn’t speak for a while.”
Gracie touched his shoulder, ignoring the sizzle that leapt into her body at the contact with his skin.
 A bit about the book:

Can revenge turn to regret? Humiliated by a slick producer and her sister’s co-star, Grace plots payback. But the scheme turns sour, robbing Grace of the only happiness she’s known since the death of her beloved mother. Can she regain her self-respect and the respect of the man she loves?   
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  1. Oh, that is sweet and intriguing. They sound like they would make the perfect couple.

  2. Nice excerpt, Jean. Sounds great. I really love your Hollywood Hearts theme. Revenge CAN get you into trouble.

  3. Always love reading your work. This promises to be another great read.

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