Friday, November 11, 2011

Weekend Dirty Dozen -- The Marriage List Debuts! For only $.99!!

I hope you enjoy this sexy snippet from my Thanksgiving novella, "The Marriage List" (only $.99):

 She moaned softly and whispered in his ear,
“Touch me,”
He responded immediately. His fingers closed around her breast
while his other hand slid down to her bottom and squeezed, then pulled her up against him. She ground her hips into his and felt his erection, making her gasp slightly. His hand massaged her breast, seeking the nipple, which he gently pinched. They were so wrapped up in each other, they didn’t hear the applause as the ballet broke for intermission. Even the sound of approaching footsteps did little to stop them. Carrie managed to pull her mouth away as she heard the tapping of a foot on the floor. She peered around Grey’s shoulder and saw the man standing still and frowning at them.
“Get a room. This is the ballet, for crissake!” he muttered as he
walked away.
Carrie buried her flushed face in Grey’s shoulder and moved her
hips back from his

Can happily ever after start with a list? Grey Andrews thinks so. After ten years of working, saving and investing, Grey finally achieved a level of wealth that allows him to do what he wants with his life. He needs a woman to share it with, but not any woman, the perfect woman. A woman who has the three essential qualities on his marriage list. But after three years of searching he isn’t any closer to finding her than he was when he started out. 
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  1. Damn! That's what I'm talking about Jean- whoo-hoo awesome excerpt

  2. Ha! How embarrassing...and sensual. Hot scene mid-ballet. LOVE IT!

  3. I love the idea of a list! I actually have one, but not to find a woman. They help reaffirm what you want in your life. Great concept and hot excerpt!

  4. very hot! very nice. well done.

  5. So sensual, but embarrassing. I hate when people get caught and then rebuked for what they were doing.