Tuesday, November 15, 2011

TUESDAY TALES - Prompt: "knife"

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This is an excerpt I just wrote Monday for my WIP, "Champagne for Christmas", a novella scheduled to be finished this week and out on Amazon and Barnes & Noble shortly after. 
                       CHAMPAGNE FOR CHRISTMAS   

On Friday afternoon, Nina put on a tight, low cut aqua sweater and her snuggest jeans before she left to meet Clint for dinner. Knowing he was mad at her for sharing his play with her agent, Fran, she now had to convince him to take Fran’s comments to heart and agree to make some changes.
            Walking west, it was quicker for her to take the number one subway line though it was two blocks away and the B and C lines ran right underneath her building. She pulled her chocolate brown suede jacket tighter around herself and cinched the sash.
            On the ride down to Greenwich Village, where  Clint’s school was, she tried out different scenarios, ways to approach Clint and selected direct honesty as the best way to deal with Clint. She has always been honest with him…well maybe not when she sent the play to Fran, but otherwise.  Coming out of her reverie a couple of stops before Christopher Street, she noticed a well-dressed man looking at her. She hadn’t thought about attracting other men when she got dressed, she was dressing for Clint so she could be undressing for him later.
            The man holding onto the pole in the end of the car stood about six feet tall with dirty blond hair mixed with gray. He smiled at her as if he knew her. She slipped her hand into her handbag and around her fake lipstick case that housed a small knife, for emergencies.
            “Brown University…class of…well,” he said and laughed.
            Nina went to Brown.
            “Oh my God!” She said as recognition hit her.
            “Stan Goodson, Nina, right?” He looked at her and cocked his head, shuttering his blue eyes as his smile broadened.
            “Stan! Of course! How are you?” Nina got up and walked over to him.
            The good-looking man gave her a brief hug and she returned his greeting. Nina grabbed the pole and stood next to him. You’d think you’d remember the guy who took your virginity!
            “What stop?” He asked.
            “The next on, Christopher.”
            “Meeting someone?”
            “Unfortunately…I’d love to catch up.”
            “Here,” Stan reached into his breast pocket and pulled out a business card and handed it to Nina.
            Nina took the card, wrapping her fingers around it, feeling the smooth feel of the expensively finished paper.
            “Let me buy you lunch. I’d like to discuss the theater. You’re still involved with the theater, aren’t you?”
            “I am, oh, Stan, I’d love to meet you for lunch.”
            The train screeched to a halt, the brakes slowing it down until it came to an abrupt stop. Nina lurched into Stan’s arms unintentionally.
            “Single?” He asked, looking down at her, his hands on her arms, pulling her closer.
            She nodded.
            “Me, too. Call me,” he said, guiding her toward the opening doors.
            “I will,” she called over her shoulder as the subway car doors closed behind her.

           She turned to wave as Stan flashed her a dazzling smile. Stan Goodson had starred with her in Streetcar Named Desire in college. It was her freshman year and a big coup for her to win a starring role so young. He was a junior and became her first lover. She was shocked, pleased and surprised to feel a tingle again at his touch.
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