Monday, March 20, 2017


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Cassie awoke, and stretched. She smiled. Today, she’d be supervising the set up of the farm for shooting the program. She had a week to get everything done before Mike and the crew showed up. Slipping out of bed, she grabbed her robe, and padded into the kitchen.
The smell of brewing coffee tantalized her taste buds. Rummaging through the fridge, she located a loaf of “health” bread and made a face. Still, she grabbed the loaf and her sugar-free jam. She hated the taste of that cardboard, masquerading as toast. Slathering on strawberry jam with some artificial sweetener which made it sickeningly sweet, she grimaced as she faced her breakfast. She’d have to eat real food when shooting began, or subsist on this crap off camera.
She sipped her coffee as the phone dialed Ned.
“Good morning,” he said.
“Hi. When is the set-up crew scheduled to arrive? Today’s first day. I’m heading out as soon as I get dressed. What time should I expect them?”
“Didn’t you arrange for a crew?”
“There’s no budget for a crew, Cassie. You’ll have to do it yourself.”
“Well that sucks.”
“I’m sorry, baby, but we’ve cut the budget to the bone just to get this thing in the can.”
She stuck out her lower lip and plopped down on a chair.
“I know, I know. It’s not what you wanted. After we close the deal, they’ll be money for a set-up crew and you’ll be treated like a queen.”
Mollified, a small grin crept across her face. “Okay, then.”
She grabbed a shower, then jumped in her car and hit the Palisades Parkway. She tooled along the pretty highway speeding toward Pine Grove. First, she stopped at the grocery store. She bumped into a cart maneuvered by an older woman.
“Cassie Newsome? Is that  you?”
Laura Dailey trained keen eyes on the young woman.
“Yes, it’s me.”
“Well, look at you? You’re even prettier. Moved back to town?”

“Not exactly,” Cassie hedged. 


Monday, March 13, 2017


Cassie finished up and hit the road. With no difficulty, she found the rental office that held the lease for Quincy farm. There was a sign outside a small farmhouse that pointed to a door on the side. She knocked.
“Come on in. I’m in the kitchen,” called a female voice.
Cassie entered a charming home painted bright colors. The smell of bread baking beckoned her to the kitchen. She stuck her head in.
“Mrs. Rogers?”
“That’s me. You are?”
“Cassie Newsome. I called about leasing the Quincy Farm?”
“Oh, sure, sure. Come on in. I’ve just put up a pot of tea.” The woman gestured to a round oak table in the center of a generous kitchen. “You like bread?”
Cassie nodded, her mouth already watering at the tempting aroma.
“I got some here, fresh baked. One loaf is cooled enough.” The woman sliced off two slabs and put them on plates. A half stick of butter rested in an old fashioned dish. Cassie spread and watched it melt.
“Lemon or milk?” The woman asked.
“Milk, please, Mrs. Rogers.”
“Everyone calls me Ellie. Nice to meet ya,” she said, sitting down across from Cassie. “So tell me, what do you need a farm for?”
“It’s only for four months.”
“We only do six month rentals.” Ellie’s brows knitted.
“Oh, that’s okay. We’ll pay for six months. No problem.”  
“How come you’re renting out the farm, instead of living there? If you don’t mind me asking.”
“Have you tried to make a living off a farm?”
Cassie shook her head.
“Yeah, well, we didn’t do too good. It’s Joe’s mom’s place. She passed five years ago. We gave it a go for as long as we could. Then moved back here. Joe’s got a job at the garden supply store. I sell bread to the coffee shop in town. We make out okay.”
“Many people want to rent a farm?” Cassie’s curiosity overcame her shyness.
“You’d be surprised. If you only need it for four months, we’d like to have it back for Christmas. We have a family that always comes up here for the holidays. City folk. They bring their kids. They say they’re looking for an old fashioned experience.”
Cassie smiled, then cast her gaze to the floor. She remembered one great Christmas. It was before her dad deserted them, when he still loved her mother. She must have been four or five. The little house had been filled with tantalizing smells of gingerbread and cinnamon, of apples cooking and meat roasting.
By the summertime, her father had had a huge fight with her mother, knocked her around a bit and taken off. No matter how hard her mother tried, Christmas was never the same. When she left, Cassie stopped even acknowledging the holiday.
I see you’re not married, right? So what do you want with a big ole farmhouse?”
“Actually, it’s for a television program.”
“You gonna film a show there?”
Cassie nodded.
“Wow! We’re gonna be famous? That’s unbelievable.”
“If the network picks up the show, we might be back again.”
“Want to see the place?”
Cassie nodded. 
“Can we go now?”
“Of course. Finish up. I’ll get the key.”
Ellie left the room. Cassie finished her bread. She’d never eaten anything so delicious in her life. She drained her cup and wiped her lips. Ellie chattered about the farm all the way down the street.
When Cassie stepped out of the car, she sighed. The word “perfect” came to mind.

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Monday, March 6, 2017

TUESDAY TALES - REUNITED - TREE #romance #tuesdaytales

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Cassie returned to her apartment, poured a glass of wine, stripped off her clothes and slipped on a shift before she called Ned. Stretched out on the sofa, she dialed.
“How’d it go?”
“Well hello to you, too.”
“Come on, give.”
“It went fine. He’s in.”
“Good girl!”
“So, what’s next?”
“I’ll send him the contract. You start scouting sites.”
“Late dinner tonight?” She asked, sucking in her lower lip.
“Tonight? Too much to do. Maybe tomorrow. Send me his address. Love you. Gotta go.”
The phone went dead.
Cassie scrounged up a frozen dinner from the freezer. She poured another glass of wine and while she ate, searched the Internet for the right location for the shoot. What would be a likely place for her to hang with Mike? She closed her eyes and images flashed through her mind. She saw a barn and a pond. No, it was a lake. And trees, lots of trees. The rope swing Mike’s dad hung in a tree on their property jogged her memory.
“Okay, rural,” she said, typing into the Google search bar.

After discarding several places as too basic –she refused to use an outhouse –she found the perfect spot -- a log cabin on fifty acres for rent. With two bedrooms, a giant fireplace in the great room, a good kitchen and two bathrooms, this was ideal. The price wasn’t cheap, but hey, it wasn’t coming out of her pocket.

The show had to be right and the setting, romantic or why waste their time? She clicked on the slideshow and perused the pictures of Quincy Farm. There were fields, a large garden not far from the house. Rocking chairs on the porch and a tree swing added rustic charm.
She shot off an email to Ned:

                 Going to see Quincy Farm for the show. I’ll be on
                 the road for the next few days. Talk to you as soon
                 as I know anything.

She snuggled into bed, hugging her extra pillow. Excitement at taking her dream to the next level filled her veins and she found it hard to sleep. Various scenarios with Mike on Quincy Farm floated through her imagination.

After so many years in the City, getting back to the country, to her roots, brought happy anticipation. Although the place wasn’t far from Pine Grove, where she and Mike grew up, she was light years ahead of the insecure, little girl who’d left town when she was eighteen and had never returned. Did she yearn to go back? No way! She was right where she needed to be, taking control of her life and reaching for the moon.