Monday, March 27, 2017


Howdy! The word prompt this week is "dice". I'm switching to a new story I've just started, one that has been percolating for a long time. It's tentatively named "Break My Heart". Scroll down for the link to return to Tuesday Tales and to my website. The picture here isn't a final cover, just a rendering I did to get inspiration, although I think the picture will be on the final cover. Thanks for stopping by.

Rick Winslow approached the beat-up farmhouse with caution. Seedy came to mind. Along with dilapidated and creepy. He shivered. This is what he could get that came with thirty acres and no neighbors – the price he paid for privacy.
Returning to Pine Grove hadn’t been a choice, in the truest sense of the word. It had been the only place he could afford such privacy. Back to his roots, maybe. At least here he’d be away from the stares of strangers. He’d live in peace, get a few animals, maybe even branch out from dogs and cats to chickens so he could have fresh eggs.  
His cousin Mindy had found it and called him. He had driven out from New York City that same day and made an offer the next. Much of the land was open field. He’d let that go to seed, return to native forest, something he could hide behind.
Breaker Winslow had died in a fire and Rick Winslow had been reborn. When he closed his eyes, he could still feel the heat and smell the smoke. Fear spike through him. First thing he’d do in this old wreck was brick up the fireplace.
He pulled a cap out of his back pocket and thrust it low on his head. Had to keep the sun off his face. That’s what the doctor who did the reconstructive surgery said.
“Stay out of the sun. That graft is gonna be sensitive for a while. Maybe forever. Wear sunblock every day and a hat. Stay away from the beach and you’ll be fine. The scars will fade and you’ll look okay soon.”
Look okay? By whose standards? He’d never look okay again, never be Breaker Winslow, actor, model, heartthrob on a million book covers. When Breaker Winslow rushed up the stairs to the second floor of his townhouse looking for Ralph  his golden retriever mix, he had no clue how advanced the fire had become or where it had started.
He’d managed to save Ralph, only to be struck by a burning beam. He’d dropped the dog, who had been buried under a pile of flaming debris. Unconscious, he’d been saved by the fire department. Breaker’s face had been permanently damaged, scarred beyond much more than a skin graft patch job could fix. And Ralph had died anyway. Breaker had rolled the dice, and lost, big time.
Now he was simply Richard B. Winslow. Yeah, “B” for Breaker. Rick to his childhood friends and family. Not fit to model, Rick had no other profession. Once it hit the news who owned the townhouse that had burned to the ground, the paparazzi had hounded him. Every effort to hide had failed and it wasn’t long before the picture of his hideous face had hit the papers.   


  1. This sounds absolutely awesome. Can't wait to read more, although I'll be looking forward to the book that tells me how the reunion went.

  2. Wow, what an outstanding setup. This will be good!