Monday, June 19, 2017


Welcome! This is picture prompt week. We return to "Break My Heart" again this week. Don't forget to scroll down and return to Tuesday Tales with the link below. Thank you for stopping by. 


After gassing up his car, Rick pulled into the parking lot by the post office. It was almost nine. Pine Grove had shut down for the night. 
He stopped to gaze at the magnificent sunset. He’d never noticed the sunset in Manhattan.  
He eased down on the bench to listen to the symphony of the crickets and frogs, as he watched the orange streaking across the sky fade into the horizon. It was safe to be out in the open, in tiny downtown Pine Grove. He didn't have to hide his face or make a run for it.
He sighed and smiled. Country life had it's good points. 
"Is that seat taken?" A feminine voice broke his reverie.
Glancing up, he spied Dr. Dani Henderson. 
"Nope. It's all yours," he said, sliding down to make room.
"Tough day?"
She nodded. 
"Want to talk about it?"
She shook her head.
"Someone die?"
"A puppy. Poisoned by accident in a careless house."
"I'm sorry." He touched her arm. 
"Doc Gregory at school told me I'd get inured after a while. It’s hard to believe."
The dim light from the street lamp reflected off a tear on her cheek. She swiped at it with her hand. 
He slid his arm around her shoulders and pulled her to him. 
"So what are you doing out here, alone, in the dark?"
"Walking it off."
He held her close and kissed the top of her head. 
"And you?" she asked, not moving from his embrace.
"Seeking the sunset and the quiet."
"Reformed city boy?"
Was he turning country? Ridiculous! Breaker Winslow, debonair, sophisticated, rich would always crave the heartbeat of the city. For this moment, the cool, fresh country air filled his lungs, and a beautiful woman filled his arms. And it was happiness itself.  



  1. Lovely scene. Didn't realize they'd gotten that close, but I'm happy about it.

  2. What a sweet moment! I love how he comforted her. And I love that she felt sad about the puppy and thought it would never change.

  3. How gratifying that he has these peaceful moments coming into his life. Beautiful scene.

  4. ahhh, blissful - I like how they are coming along in their relationship.

  5. What a wonderfully sweet moment!