Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Welcome! This is picture prompt week. And I  have to keep this to 300 words only. I'm still with "Reunited". Scroll down for the link back to Tuesday Tales and my website. Thanks for stopping by.


Mike looked at the pretty, young woman. What she was presenting was ridiculous. About to raise his hand for the check, he remembered what awaited him at home. The empty room haunted him. Yes, his sister had cleaned out all of Patty’s stuff. But he still felt her presence there. He’d tucked away her favorite bear, Briny, in the closet.
And the room still had her sweet scent. His wife and his little daughter, just six and the light of his life died in a car crash two years ago. Mike had gone to therapy. He’d taken a long trip, tried everything to forget, but there was no way he could ever forget her shining smile, and effervescent personality.
He sat back. He’d listen to Cassie for a while longer. As crazy as her idea was, it kept him from going home. He ordered another drink. Maybe by the time, he’d be tired enough to sleep without waking up and ending up in her empty room.
“Sorry, my mind wandered. What were you saying?” She had grown more beautiful over the years. And the shy little tomboy now flashed significant cleavage his way. Who was he to ignore what was on display? That would be rude, wouldn’t it?
As he watched her explain her dream, her lively expression, broad smile, and sexy body sucked him in. Maybe he’d shuffle back a few years and get what he’d wanted so bad ten years ago -- one glorious roll in the hay with hot, little Cassie Newsome. Maybe she’d make him forget what he had lost that stormy day in February.

He took her hand in his, and focused on her words. Could something this totally insane save him? Who was he to doubt Cassie’s ambition and determination? Damn it. She turned him on. 



  1. Now I feel so sorry for him. I sure hope she's up front about the whole thing and doesn't hurt the poor guy.

  2. Great snippet! I hope she's up front as well.

  3. I love the description of his pain and his self-involved plans for her. Brilliant.

  4. I love the slight twist you used to work the picture prompt in. It's a great snippet with a lot of emotion, filling us in on the story in only 300 words.

  5. His memories of his wife and daughter break my heart. But I love how he is brought back to the current conversation by a flash of cleavage. Loved it!