Monday, January 23, 2017


Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. Because it's a picture prompt, the text can only be 300 words. I'm continuing with my story, Reunited. Scroll down to get back to Tuesday Tales and to my website. 


She sighed. The things she had to do to get Ned Collins to commit. Was it worth it? Hell, she had two years of her life invested in him and she wasn’t about to walk away now. Besides, once the deal was signed with CEN, they’d be rolling in money. She could have a nice life.
Better than her mother. No waiting tables and taking in laundry for Cassandra Newsome. No siree. She’d be rich, with a successful husband, unlike her mother, deserted by her bum-of-a-husband and reduced to desperation, trying to support her daughter. Cassie smiled. Mom always said you could love a rich man as easy as a poor one. She was right.


Ned treated her to a pancake breakfast after a night of love at his place. When she returned home, she retired to her room and turned on her laptop. First she had to find Mike Taylor. She blew her bangs off her face. There must be ten million Mike Taylor’s in the U.S. Then she remembered his middle name –Alston. The kids teased him about it all the time, eventually giving him the nickname of M.A.T.
She began her search on white pages. Then she dug out the mailing she got about her high school reunion. It was happening in September. Perfect timing! She’d have to make sure he was there. She finally located him in Washington, D.C. A smile spread.  Cassie Newsome was good at what she did, she was a winner. Not like her parents. She’d grab that brass ring and hold on to it for dear life.
She undressed and got into bed, but she wasn’t tired. Her mind worked at a hundred miles an hour about how she could meet him, rope him in and get him to play along. 


  1. Oh dear...I suspect she may her plans might not go as she wishes!

  2. Someone's courting disaster. The best laid plans of woman and all that. Great snippet.

  3. You've got me hooked already. I did not want to stop reading at 300 words. Great story and characters!

  4. I love Cassie's confidence. I hope things go according to plan,

  5. Cassie is a handful, and I can't wait to see what life has in store for her. I'm caught on this one for sure.