Monday, February 9, 2015

Picture Prompt - Kate's Story

Welcome! This week, in honor of Valentine's day, is this picture prompt. We're restricted to 300 words. We continue Kate's story.
Who shows  up fifteen minutes early for a date? What an idiot. He’ll think I’m overanxious. Anxious is more like it.
The glass of red wine Kate ordered arrived. She took a large sip. Don’t get drunk. Nothing more disgusting than a drunk woman. Especially at 50. It’s been so long, do I remember how to do this? Maybe I should go home.
As she reached for her wallet to pay for the wine, Jeff slipped into the seat across from her.
“A woman who’s on time. That’s refreshing.”
She looked into his warm, brown eyes and tried to smile. 

Refreshing or desperate?
“We haven’t known each other long. And it’s Valentine’s Day and all, but I had another reason for asking you to dinner.”
“Really?” What other reason than getting laid?
He ordered the same wine as she, then lowered his gaze to the red table cloth. 
“Not a romantic one.” He fidgeted.
“Oh?” Her stomach dropped to the floor. Shit. What am I doing here?
“I was wondering if you’d thought about starting your own business?” 
“Business? Doing what?” Forming losers anonymous? Dumped wives club?
“Making high end evening gowns.”
“Me?” Kate pointed at her own chest and laughed.
“What’s funny?”
 “That’s so not me. Look at me. Nothing high end about me anymore.”
“It’s no joke. You’re good, better than good. I know some people. I’m interested in helping you get started, if you agree to buy your fabric from my company.” 
“You’re serious?” She raised her eyebrows.
“Absolutely. You have talent.”
“From seamstress to designer. I’ll drink to that,” she said, raising her glass. Jeff clinked his with hers.
“Can you meet me in the office at ten tomorrow?”
She nodded.
“Now let’s order. I’m starved.” He laced his fingers with hers.
Bless you, Jeff.
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  1. I LOVE her self-talk! Wonderful sample.

  2. great dialogue. hope it'll work out for her.

  3. Poor girl- she was like my gal this week- wanting romance and not getting it. LOL- I love that you have an older heroine.

  4. Such great inner dialog in this scene! I love to see what`s bubbling inside a character`s mind. Well done!

  5. Hey, much better in the long run than a quick roll in the hay! Plus, who knows what lies ahead?

  6. Awesome dialogue. Happy Valentine's day

  7. Great scene for this picture. Loved her inner thoughts.