Monday, January 12, 2015


After thinking I'd finished the Manhattan Dinner Club series, a new story came to me. Here's a little snippet of a story yet to come. 
   Kate tromped up the stairs, kicking snow from her boots with each step. Jeff’s plane took off just as her cab pulled up to the terminal. He was off to Asia for three weeks, to get away from Christmas and to buy fabric. To get away from me, too.  
    Once inside, she was greeted by her pug, Louie. She lit a fire in the small fireplace of her studio apartment and popped a bottle of champagne. It was Christmas Eve. She filled her flute and sat by the fire. There were a few gifts under her tiny tree.  
None from Tracy. What did you expect? You're divorced now. Something from the gals at the Dinner Club. She sighed and leaned back.   Louie curled up next to her, putting his head on her leg. Jeff. Gone. I blew it. She couldn’t blame him. She had treated him shabbily, always putting Tracy first, as if her ex would come crawling back. What did I expect?
Jeff was the best thing to happen to her in a long time. Now he was gone and all Kate had to keep her warm was a thin blanket of regret. Tears gathered behind her eyes, she diverted herself by opening presents. 
    The kids always sent at least one gag gift. This year it was a book of humorous sayings. Perfect timing. Jeff was funny. That’s what brought him to her attention. She took a deep breath. After the last gift, Kate noticed something gleaming under the tree. Gold Ribbon. 
    There was a small gift wrapped perfectly with beautiful ribbon. She had no idea how it got there or who it was from. Tearing open the little box, there was a beautiful gold bracelet tucked inside. The card read, “With love, Jeff.” 

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  1. Aww, what a wonderful scene! Thank heaven she spied the gold ribbon. Great line about blanket of regret. Looking forward to more of this couple.

  2. Well done on the emotions. Like flossie I liked this "had to keep her warm was a thin blanket of regret"

  3. That dog looks familiar! Love the excerpt - great opening! Can't wait to see what happens next.

  4. A great set up for this story, Jean. Loved the blanket of regret. Can't wait to read more.

  5. Love it! Blanket of regret. What a great line!

  6. I'm with the others - the thin blanket of regret is PERFECT!
    Loved the snippet.

  7. Beautiful scene. A wonderful set up for your next series. I'm already in love with you new story,

  8. Nice ending to her melancholy.

  9. YAY- glad she got that gift at the end!