Friday, April 12, 2013

UNDER THE MIDNIGHT MOON - Sweet Saturday Samples

Welcome, thanks for stopping by. My Sweet Saturday Sample is from my latest sweet romance, UNDER THE MIDNIGHT MOON. 
“Hope. Some hope. The place is a mess…it’s falling down.”
“Maybe with that money you can refurbish…”
“It’s a disaster area. Everything needs to be replaced. And I haven’t even looked at the other buildings. I doubt they are in better shape. Shifty’s right. This property isn’t worth crap. Hope? The only hope is to sell it and move on.”
“Lou tried to sell it. The property has been on the market for the past seven years.” Drew bowed his head before raising his gaze to hers.
“Anyone interested?”
He shifted his gaze away. “Not even a nibble.”
Mindy hid her face behind his handkerchief. “I’m so stupid. I thought this was my big break, but it’s nothing but a junkyard.”
Drew stepped closer to her and folded her in his arms. She cried softly against his chest while he stroked her hair.
“Don’t give up yet. Let’s look at the other buildings. There must be something you can do. A theater up here would be fantastic.”
She dried her eyes and stepped back, raising her gaze to his. “Why are you saying that? Stringing me along? This is a disaster. There’s almost nothing that can be reclaimed here, the whole damn thing should be torn down and sold for firewood.” The heat of anger brought color to her cheeks.
“That’s nice. Give up. Why not?” He let go of her hand. “You say you have a dream and just because everything isn’t perfect, you put your tail between your legs and slink away. I thought you were a woman with gumption. Hah! Princess is more like it…spoiled princess. Lou gave you this chance and what are you doing? Giving up and walking away. Do that by yourself. I hate quitters.” He snatched his handkerchief back and turned away from her.
She grabbed his elbow and pulled. “That’s it! That’s exactly what I wanted you to say. Like a great scene from a Jimmy Stewart movie. I hate quitters, too.” 
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A bit about the book
Can attending a wedding and a funeral on the same day change your life? Mindy Winslow’s life was altered forever when she met gorgeous lawyer, Drew Armstrong, and found out about her inheritance from her mentor, Lou. Embraced by the townsfolk at the wedding of her college roommate, Mindy sought to make her goal a reality in tiny Pine Grove, New York. But the exposure of a promise made then broken secretly, destroyed her dream. Will she be forced to face “I told you so” from her father or will love find a way to resurrect hope from the ashes? 
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  1. I like characters with gumption! Nice excerpt.

  2. Heehee! Love this! I love that she was wanting to see his reaction. Great!

  3. very interesting. You've already got me rooting for her to succeed.

  4. Oh, she sure caught him by surprise! Can't wait to see where this goes.