Monday, September 24, 2012


Here's a snippet from my work-in-progress, The Dating List. 

                                               *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  

Carrie arched into him, pressing her hips into his, her fingers combing through his hair. As his lips found her peak, the slamming of the front door, indicated Colin was home. Grey swore under his breath.
“Little brothers…crap. Can’t believe he’s still showing up at the wrong time.”
He sat up. Carrie arched an eyebrow.
“Oh? And what inconvenient times did he show up before?”
Grey felt his cheeks get warm.
“You know…”
“Not really. Tell me.”
“Stop kidding, Carrie,” a smile played with his lips.
“Like when you were making out with a girl, trying to get her panties off, you mad seducer,” Carrie’s fingers tickled his sides, causing Grey to bend and twitch. A roar of laughter escaped his mouth as the two lovers wrestled with each other. Grey grabbed her hands and clasped them together in his one big one. He rolled her over subduing her kicking legs by trapping them between his as his mouth blew raspberries on her neck. She screamed, convulsing in laughter as she struggled to free herself from his vice-like grip. He lifted his mouth from her neck and lowered it possessively on her lips. The demanding kiss grew deeper, more passionate. She stopped squirming, relaxing against his hard body, molding hers to his. 
The Dating List, coming in October.


  1. Love the humour they enjoy together. beautiful scene.

  2. They seem so comfortable together. Loved it!

  3. Love and laughter...can't beat that combination!

  4. I agree with Christina. I love how you present the chemistry between them. Great job.

  5. I need to take a cold shower. WOW!

  6. That was beautifully played. Felt like we were right there with them. Great job.

  7. Very sexy scene! It really hooked me.

  8. Great scene, Jean. I felt my own cheeks grow warm. I think I'm going to like The Dating List

  9. Playfully seductive, very nice Jean.

  10. Cute playful scene, I quite enjoyed.